May 12, 2017

Patient’s use of the internet for medical purposes – M3 Pulse results

The creation of the internet has improved the accessibility and easy dissemination of information. However, the unlimited bounds of cyberspace have resulted in a collection of a predominantly disorganised resources. There are opposing opinions here: whilst many physicians perceive internet health information as problematic as it can generate patient misinformation, several studies have shown that patients who “go online” tend to ask more informed questions and improved medical outcomes.

Here are the results to this pulse. In Europe our doctors seem to prefer their patients not going online to research their illnesses. However, the results differed dramatically from country to country: British doctors are the only ones who find it easier to treat patients who have researched their illnesses online. By contrast, almost a third of our Italians members do not.

On the contrary, our panel members in the USA and Canada seem to be much more positive about this approach, with 56% and 52% respectively.

Internet for Medical Information

Internet for Medical Information


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