Burnout and stress within the medical community


"Burnout and stress within the medical community" is a topic that is currently of high interest and concern, with some tragic cases emerging across Europe.

Statistics show that approximately one-third of doctors report experiencing burnout at some point in their career due to professional obligations, long and sometimes unpredictable work hours or the constant weight of responsibility. All these factors often make it very hard for doctors to have a good work-life balance, but the scale of the problem is, as yet, undetermined.

The obvious question is whether healthcare professionals are satisfied with the balance between their personal and professional lives.

The results of this pulse were highly interesting! With 60% saying they’re dissatisified, English HCPs are the most unhappy about their work-life balance, followed by the Germans and the French. On the other hand, with 49% and 47% dissatisfaction respectively, Italian and Spanish doctors are the most satisfied and hence the happiest.

The second infographic shows a cross-continental analysis. With 62%, Canada has the highest rate of dissatisfied doctors.

monthly Pulse

monthly Pulse

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