Brexit and the delay in the supply of medicines

The paper warned that unless a deal can be reached, medicines and medical technologies could be delayed or, in extreme cases, become unavailable to patients.

The Alliance is concerned that if a decision can’t be reached regarding the future co-operation between the UK and the EU on the regulation and trade of medicines and medical devices that up to 120,000 prostate cancer patients throughout Europe could be affected.

Another area at risk is the future of research into new medicines and medical technologies. Without a plan in place, UK and EU patients could lose out on access to the best treatments and medical devices.

This is definitely a crucial topic within the European healthcare sector and we asked our community of professionals in Europe:

"Are you concerned about how of Brexit might disrupt medicine supplies to patients across Europe and UK?"

We asked the opinion of 5445 M3 members practising in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Germany). Results show different opinions in all countries except the United Kingdom in which 78% of the healthcare professionals surveyed voted for “YES”.

You can find below what the M3 Global Research community answered to this question.

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