March 11, 2020

M3 Dynamic Profile

The M3 Dynamic Profile is an innovation exclusive to M3 Global Research designed to help you save time and effort when you participate in M3 studies.

How the M3 Profile works:

  • Building your M3 profile

    Answer quick and easy questions when you log in or participate in a study

  • Leading technology

    The dynamic profile tool uses your responses to accurately match you with studies

  • Refined invitations

    As your new M3 profile develops, you will start receiving more refined invitations

Over time, you will notice an improved survey qualification rate in the invitations received.

All M3 members will remain in full control of their data at all times. 

You are free to withdraw consent for processing M3 Profile data anytime. If consent is withdrawn, you will not receive targeted surveys based on your preferences or recover M3 Profile data.

Benefits of the Dynamic Profile:

For any questions about M3’s new profile, please reach out to our team here

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