Vaccines and perception of the pharmaceutical industry

pharmaceutical industry overview

Over the last decade there have been multiple controversies which have damaged the reputation of ‘Big Pharma’ in the eyes of the general public.

However, their COVID-19 response, and subsequent rapid vaccine development is now considered essential to securing a way out of cyclical lockdowns and reopening economies.

In January 2021, we have conducted an internal survey amongst 1,096 healthcare professionals working in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. We asked our panel members if the rapid rollout of vaccines has helped to improve perceptions of the pharmaceutical industry.

Here is what the M3 Global Community thinks about this topic.

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  1. My answer would be “if they choose collaboration over competition” because there is a huge number of pharmaceutical companies who only think about their business and not about people’s health, their major concern is getting profit out of their product irrespective of the side effects their products are causing to the people.

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