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M3 Global Research frequently works in partnership with patient associations and charitable organisations to ensure broad representation of the patient voice in healthcare research

5 reasons to collaborate with M3

  • Provide opportunities for individuals to share their stories

    and personal experiences regarding their condition and treatment

  • Influence the development of new therapeutic treatments

    and help to improve current and future care for those living with an illness

  • Connect with others

    across the globe who are living with the same condition

  • Stay up-to-date

    on the developments of various conditions

  • Build awareness

    around your organization and receive a donation for referring participants

“In the several studies I’ve participated in, everyone was well worth my time.”
Pamela R.

We believe that collaborations between healthcare market research and associations and charitable organisations can enhance the benefits for patients.
Here is our growing network of associations we are proud to partner with.

How to collaborate with M3

Partnership agreements are backed up by contracts providing a legal basis for the arrangement. Payments are made monthly, and we’ll send you an invoice outlining all the referrals to support it.
You are free to withdraw from the partnership at any time; there is no obligation whatsoever.

Build awareness and raise funds to your organization

We’ll provide everything you need to let your network know about the benefits of participating in research
projects, both financial (we pay them generous incentives to thank them for their time), and in progressing care for patients with the same condition.

M3 Global Research studies can be online questionnaires, telephone interviews, web-based and in-person interviews, or focus groups.

Participation in these studies is anonymous and completely voluntary, and M3 complies with global privacy and compliance policies.

There’s also no obligation. You can take part in only the studies that are of interest to you. Research studies will focus on topics like diagnosis, treatment progression, medication, support channels, and daily life with a condition.

Would you like more information on the benefits of collaborating with us?

If you are part of a patients association and would like to receive more detailed information on how partnering with M3 works, please leave your email address in the box and click on the button below, we will get back to you in 3 working days.

The information you provide will only be used to contact you to provide further details for a potential collaboration. For details on how we process personal data, please read our privacy policy