Our Doctors talk

Our Doctors Talk

"Our Doctors talk" section is the place where you can share your opinions.

In the interviews gathered here you will find insights into the daily work of physicians with different backgrounds, as well as their opinions on hot topics in healthcare.

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Dr. Nayf Edrees

Talking to... Dr. Nayf Edrees

When Dr. Nayf Edrees was in high school, he had a neighborhood friend who had acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which was diagnosed in a late stage ... Read more

Dr. Vinay Patel

Talking to... Dr. Vinay Patel

It’s a good thing Dr. Vinay Patel of Quincy, Illinois was concerned that playing guitar wouldn’t be a lucrative enough job to support his family. Otherwise ... Read more

Dr. Mitchell Weinstein

Talking to… Dr. Mitchell Weinstein

Dr. Mitchell Weinstein lives in Chicago, IL and specializes in infectious diseases. He completed medical school in 1992, finished his fellowship... Read more

Susan Steen

Talking to… Dr. Susan Steen

When Dr. Susan Steen was a resident, one of her colleagues said that being a neurologist is “treating the undiagnosable and... Read more

Dr. Giancarlo Moscol

Talking to… Dr. Giancarlo Moscol

Dr. Giancarlo Moscol, from The Woodlands, TX, has been a medical oncologist for the past nine years. He grew up in Peru, where his uncle... Read more