Available Medical studies

Available medical studies

We operate an ISO 26362 certified panel with the highest quality data collection and project management capabilities that cover the spectrum of quantitative and qualitative techniques utilized today.

By registering to our panel you will be invited by email to our paid studies about a wide range of healthcare related topics. 

We offer paid studies for every healthcare professional as well as for general public and caregivers.   

On the registration form you will identify your profession, specialty or field of interest,  that way we will only send you the most relevant surveys to complete in your valuable spare time.

You will receive the invites to the studies directly to your inbox. The invitation letter covers topic of survey, compensation information, length and deadline.

The research studies that we are conducting will be sent to you in your native language and can be completed;


Over the telephone  

Face to Face in our facilities worldwide – read this section to know more about it.

There is no obligation:  you will be able to pick and choose the surveys that you would like to participate in by looking at the information in the invitation you will receive by email and according to your free time.