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Our Doctors Talk

"Our Doctors talk" section is the place where you can share your opinions.

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Talking to… Dr. Lawrence Feldman

Dr. Feldman, a dermatologist specialising in the treatment of melanoma, practising for 30 years in the US, spoke to the M3 blog about ... Read more

Masoud Rezvani

Talking to… Dr. Masoud Rezvani

Dr. Masoud Rezvani is a passionate surgeon practising in Virginia, USA. He spoke to the M3 blog about organ donation, access to healthcare... Read more

Soon Song

Talking to…Dr. Soon Song

Diabetologist based in Sheffield, Dr. Soon Song spoke to M3 about the growing health threat that is diabetes, medical students, ... Read more

Katharine Broad

Talking to… Dr. Katharine Broad

GP for over 15 years, Dr. Katharine Broad talks to the M3 Global Research blog about her routine in South London and her opinions on the future... Read more

Suhail Hussain

Talking to… Dr Suhail Hussain

Dr Suhail Hussain is a keen advocate of holistic and patient centred care, coupled with physicians’ continuing education. He balances work... Read more

Michael Shanik

Talking to… Dr. Michael Shanik

Dr. Michael Shanik is an endocrinologist living in Syosset, New York and has been practicing medicine for about 12 years. He was inspired... Read more