Patients Experience

Patients Experience

We are so proud, excited, and inspired by our patients and caregivers. As with most organizations focused on healthcare, we have adjusted to recognize the importance of the patient and the invaluable contributions they make to research.

The people that our industry affects are more than numbers and statistics—they are someone’s mother, brother, sister, daughter, the love of someone’s life. It is our honour to help bring them and their stories forward as they contribute their distinctive journeys in the treatment and management of their disease.

We are pleased to introduce some of our fighters and survivors.


Meet Louise...

The first diagnosis came in June 2010. Louise of Canterbury, United Kingdom, visited her general practitioner about the discomfort she was... Read more

leukaemia survivor

Meet Nicole...

Nicole is a 37-year-old leukaemia survivor who lives outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. She was diagnosed just after ...Read more

Meet Orvil

Meet Orvil...

Orvil is a 71-year-old prostate cancer survivor. He shares with the M3 Blog how he coped with the condition and the changes in how he perceives...Read more