Spotlight on Haemophilia


Things are getting quite busy here at M3 Global Research! The number of studies we conduct is increasing day by day as well as the breadth of healthcare topics and medical specialties our studies cover. One such area is haemophilia – over the next few months there are several research projects coming up, for which we need both patients and physicians treating the condition.

We’ve curated a dedicated section on blood disorders which includes a wide range of interesting and highly relevant medical articles and interviews with patients. Our aim is to raise awareness about haemophilia, and have a wide range of helpful resources in one place.

We hope you find this section interesting and useful. If you are either a physician or treats haemophiliacs or a patient suffering from haemophilia and you would like to participate in any of our upcoming studies, you can do so by joining the M3 Global Research panel by clicking below.  Once you’ve signed up we’ll make sure you receive invitations to relevant studies as soon as they go live.