Living with Long Covid: Gloria’s story

Many people who contracted COVID report that they are now living with ‘long COVID’. While they are no longer shedding the virus or considered contagious unless reinfected, people suffering from long COVID continue to experience symptoms of COVID-19, which commonly…

Preliminary findings from our “long COVID” survey with M3 panel members

Last June we surveyed 295 members of our panel, with respondents across Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, and the United States. All respondents had previously tested positive with COVID-19 and explain to M3 to consequences they have been through.

Healthcare professionals and fatigue at work

The study we are sharing this month is about fatigue at work.Conducted by Doctors.net.uk and M3 Global Research, the study involved 799 respondents and was carried out after previous research into the impact of fatigue on driving home after night shiftsThis…