Talking to… Giancarlo Moscol

Dr. Giancarlo Moscol, from The Woodlands, TX, has been a medical oncologist for the past nine years. He grew up in Peru, where his uncle, who was also a doctor, motivated him to embark into his legacy of compassionate care to others by entering medical school and becoming an oncologist. He was drawn to oncology … Continue reading Talking to… Giancarlo Moscol

Prescription of generic drugs

18 years ago Brazil welcomed the country's first generic drug registration. According to the National Agency for Sanitary Vigilance Agency (Anvisa), prescription of generic drugs increased 65% from 2015 to 2018. Between February of last year and February of this year, 34% of the 115 million medical prescriptions issued were generic versions. The implementation of … Continue reading Prescription of generic drugs

Medical school education costs

Citing concerns about the "overwhelming financial debt" facing graduates, N.Y.U. School of Medicine recently announced it would cover the tuition of its medical students, regardless of merit or need. School officials have become increasingly worried that students burdened by steep debt are pursuing top-paying specialties rather than careers in family medicine, pediatrics, and research. N.Y.U.'s … Continue reading Medical school education costs

Challenges related to the globalisation of medical education

The new global medical education system, marked by its growing size and complexity, has led to greater concerns about quality assurance of individual graduates and their educational programs. Assuring a quality medical education varies considerably from country to country, as do training standards. Traditionally there have been two ways to assure quality, assessment of the … Continue reading Challenges related to the globalisation of medical education

Regulation and protection of medical data

While phrases like data encryption and cyberattack were not a part of our collective vocabulary until recently, such large scale data breaches, like those that occurred at Yahoo and Uber, have brought the issue to the forefront. A few of these breaches standout from the rest, but all are costly in terms of the compromised … Continue reading Regulation and protection of medical data

Single-Payer Healthcare System

Welcome to the October edition of 'Inside M3 Insights'! This month, we are sharing the results of one insider survey carried out by MDLinx, with nearly 900 physicians and advanced practice clinicians in the United States. The purpose of this survey was to find out what healthcare professionals think about the latest healthcare reform, which … Continue reading Single-Payer Healthcare System

Bullying, undermining and harassment at work

August’s Monthly Pulse question was about bullying, undermining and harassment at work. Around one in five doctors in the UK’s NHS say they have been bullied or harassed in the workplace, with the British Orthopaedic Trainee Association (BOTA) reporting that 73% trainees had witnessed bullying, undermining or harassment at work. Most incidents go unreported, often because … Continue reading Bullying, undermining and harassment at work

Universal healthcare coverage

Universal healthcare coverage was the Monthly Pulse topic we sent out to our consumer panel members’ in August. Healthcare reform has long since been a major policy area commanding attention in the United States and around the world. Crucial to the debate are the various plans that have been proposed to repeal and replace the … Continue reading Universal healthcare coverage

Talking to… Dr. Soon Song

Diabetologist based in Sheffield, Dr. Soon Song spoke to M3 about the growing health threat that is diabetes, medical students, doctor-patient relationship and the future of the NHS Firstly, we’d like to get to know you better. Let’s start with what inspired you to become a physician and to specialise in diabetes management and cardiovascular … Continue reading Talking to… Dr. Soon Song

Join M3 Global Research at ESMO and ERS

September will be a very busy month for M3 Global Research! We will be attending two large European medical congresses where we will be spreading the word about our paid studies and the work we do towards improving health and patient care. Please save the date and pop by our stand to learn more about … Continue reading Join M3 Global Research at ESMO and ERS