1 comment on “E-cigarettes: smoking cessation aid or a dangerous habit?”

E-cigarettes: smoking cessation aid or a dangerous habit?


A recent study with adult smokers who had approached the NHS Stop Smoking Services compared e-cigarettes with nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) as part of a smoking cessation service.After a year, 18% of e-cigarette users had stopped smoking tobacco compared with 9.9%…

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Haematologists needed – ‘Real World’ study on Haemophilia

This month we are very pleased to present a special study on Haemophilia. This study will be using a methodology known as ‘Real World’. This methodology is becoming increasingly important as it provides a truly in-depth analysis of the chosen…

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Automatic donor registration – A global view

Automatic donor registration

June’s Monthly Pulse asked about automatic donor registration. Some countries (for example, Spain and France) have automatic organ donor registration, where everyone is considered to want to donate their organs in the event of brain or cardiac death unless they…