Prescription of generic drugs

18 years ago Brazil welcomed the country's first generic drug registration. According to the National Agency for Sanitary Vigilance Agency (Anvisa), prescription of generic drugs increased 65% from 2015 to 2018. Between February of last year and February of this year, 34% of the 115 million medical prescriptions issued were generic versions. The implementation of … Continue reading Prescription of generic drugs

Regulation and protection of medical data

While phrases like data encryption and cyberattack were not a part of our collective vocabulary until recently, such large scale data breaches, like those that occurred at Yahoo and Uber, have brought the issue to the forefront. A few of these breaches standout from the rest, but all are costly in terms of the compromised … Continue reading Regulation and protection of medical data

Social Media and pseudoscience

The new Monthly Pulse is about Social Media and Pseudoscience. People regularly use web search and social media to investigate health related issues. Nowadays, it is possible to find the answer to a question regarding a health concern in less than five seconds. This habit can be either positive, since it allows access to information … Continue reading Social Media and pseudoscience

Single-Payer Healthcare System

Welcome to the October edition of 'Inside M3 Insights'! This month, we are sharing the results of one insider survey carried out by MDLinx, with nearly 900 physicians and advanced practice clinicians in the United States. The purpose of this survey was to find out what healthcare professionals think about the latest healthcare reform, which … Continue reading Single-Payer Healthcare System

GP awareness about chemoprevention

The study "GP awareness about chemoprevention" was carried out on behalf of Cancer Research UK, and aimed to specifically explore GP awareness on tamoxifen and aspirin use with breast and bowel cancers. The survey took place in May 2016 in the UK and involved over 1,000 physicians from our panel. You can access the study … Continue reading GP awareness about chemoprevention