Parkinson’s Awareness Month

M3 Global Research is currently recruiting patients with Parkinson's to participate in usability testing for a new device used in conjunction with a smart phone (both provided) in the United States and in Germany. We're offering generous compensation to the patients taking part and also the physicians referring them. If you are a member of the … Continue reading Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Talking to… Dr. Lawrence Feldman

Dr. Feldman, a dermatologist specialising in the treatment of melanoma, practising for 30 years in the US, spoke to the M3 blog about prevention, new treatment developments and the changes in patients’ approaches to the condition. M3 Global Research is about to launch a large patient outcome study about melanoma. If you are a dermatologist … Continue reading Talking to… Dr. Lawrence Feldman

Living with haemophilia: ‘KT’ from Orem, Utah, US

Name: KT Age: 57. City and country: Orem, Utah, USA. What type of haemophilia do you suffer from? Type A. What is the severity of your condition: severe, moderate or mild? About 3 on a scale of 10. Is there anyone else in your family who suffers from haemophilia? 1 brother and 3 cousins. When were … Continue reading Living with haemophilia: ‘KT’ from Orem, Utah, US

Living with Haemophilia

The M3 Blog team spoke to six people living with haemophilia in the UK and the US, two of them the mothers of young boys with the condition, to understand their challenges, fears, their relationship with healthcare professionals and the treatments they are experiencing. The stories they’ve shared show more than that, they are about acceptance and … Continue reading Living with Haemophilia