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Healthcare Market Research


Welcome to the World of Healthcare Market Research.

This section is the perfect place for anyone who wants to understand more about healthcare market research and how healthcare professionals use it to stay up to date with the latest healthcare trends and developments, whilst earning extra income.

The articles here answer commonly asked questions about M3 Global Research studies, and why market research is important to improve patient outcomes. Read our M3 members’ testimonials and understand what they get out of market research studies.

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How To Participate In Market Research

Learn how to participate in market research in the form of paid medical surveys for physicians and healthcare professionals, start receiving our invites to the best-paid surveys and focus group interviews and get compensated for your time.

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What is Healthcare Market Research?

The pharmaceutical industry use physician market research to access the expert opinions of doctors and a variety of medical experts, regarding products and services currently or potentially being marketed, to ensure they are relevant, safe and will be able to lead pharmaceutical market trends.

Why participate in Healthcare Market Research


Why Participate in Healthcare Market Research?

What does it mean to influence healthcare through market research?
Here’s what our panel members have to say and their opinions about M3 Global Research.

Understanding healthcare market research with M3.


Understanding Market Research

Working in the pharmaceutical industry includes frequent use of market research and collaboration with fieldwork agencies like M3 Global Research. The M3 blog spoke to someone working regularly at that interface about how market research affects their decision-making.

Available medical studies


Available Medical Studies

Here you can find a selection of the latest research studies, interviews and focus group we have available for you.

market research methodologies: online surveys


Market Research Methodologies – M3 Study Guide

A quick guide to help you navigate through the different market research methodologies that we use.

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