Why Participate in Healthcare Market Research?

Healthcare professionals around the world take part in healthcare market research with M3 to influence healthcare. Find out their opinions about M3 Global Research by reading their testimonials.

Joining the world’s largest panel of verified healthcare professionals sounds impressive.

However, having the power to influence healthcare together with millions of healthcare professionals, actually is.

What Does it Mean to Influence Healthcare Through Market Research?

Here’s what our panel members have to say and their opinions about M3 Global Research…

Why participate in Healthcare Market Research
Medical Technologist
Medical TechnologistUSA
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"I love being a part of M3 Global Research! It keeps me active and updated in my profession, and I feel that my opinions are valued."
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"M3 Global Research is at the forefront with the proposals of the studies, always differentiated and innovative. The best proposal for hematologists to influence healthcare"
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"Why participate in Healthcare Market Research? I love doing surveys. I believe I contribute to understanding these topics from the doctor's perspective "on the ground" and to help and promote the industry. Sometimes, the questions make you rethink certain issues and keep you updated. A further challenge to our minds!"
Dermatology Nurse
Dermatology NurseUSA
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"There are very many topics covered by M3 Global Research. The ones that I have been qualified for have paid quickly and handsomely!"
Medical Technologist
Medical TechnologistItaly
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"I have been participating in M3 Global Research studies for several years. I have always found the studies interesting, stimulating and relevant to current events, appreciating the variety of topics."
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"It is good place to answer surveys and get paid for it 🙂"
General Practitioner (GP)Austria
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"The surveys of M3 Global Research give me valuable insights into the complicated mindset of the pharmaceutical industry."
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"M3 Global Research offers me studies regularly. The questionnaires are clear and precise and interesting."
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"By filling out a few minutes of a survey, I earned € 25. I recommend!"
NurseUnited Kingdom
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"Being able to contribute towards topics on healthcare for healthcare providers are highlights of my happy moments this year."

Dr. Jordan Frey on Healthcare Market Research with M3

Dr. Jordan Frey, a plastic surgeon working in Buffalo New York, shares his story about his medical career, and highlights the value of participating in healthcare market research to influence healthcare. Hear his opinion about M3 Global Research and how he uses M3 surveys to stay informed about the latest trends and developments within his medical field, ensuring the best possible outcomes for his patients.

M3 Ambassador Recommendations for Healthcare Professionals

Why participate in Healthcare Market Research?

What are your opinions about M3 Global Research and why do you recommend paid healthcare market research with M3 to your colleagues?

Dr. Emma Amoafo Mensah
Dr. Emma Amoafo MensahDermatology, UK
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“This is a great platform that allows you to help shape medical research and also provides fast payments for surveys.”
Dr. Hosameldin Otman
Dr. Hosameldin OtmanRadiology, France
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“Participating in medical studies with M3 Global is an outstanding opportunity to earn additionnal income on medical subjects within our expertise while doing it on your mobile or computer. It is both an enjoyable and lucrative use of time!”
Dr. Sara Weiskirch
Dr. Sara WeiskirchDermatology, USA
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“Great way to share your opinion and experience, while earning an honorarium!”
Dr. Randeep Bhella
Dr. Randeep BhellaGeneral Practice, UK
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“A great opportunity for colleagues to get involved with the latest research and collaborate with colleagues!”
Dr. Alysa Vereen
Dr. Alysa VereenClinical Pharmacist, USA
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“M3 provides a unique opportunity to healthcare professionals and providers to contribute to the advancement of healthcare by providing surveys catered to their individual expertise. I highly recommend it for those looking to make a lasting impact.”
Dr. Ove Rasmusson
Dr. Ove RasmussonGeneral Practice, Sweden
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“Healthcare Market Research can provide important information about desease trends and riskfactors.”
Dr. Anna Tomàs-Rodó
Dr. Anna Tomàs-RodóFamily Medicine, Spain
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“It’s an easy accessible way to contribute to science, and the fact that you can earn additional income just adds value to our knowledge”
Dr. Gianluca Fiumara
Dr. Gianluca FiumaraSurgery, Italy
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“M3 is the future of research and medical studies!”
Dr. Nayan Agarwal
Dr. Nayan AgarwalCardiology, USA
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“It helps shape future of medicine and helps create passive income.”
Ms. Rebekah Basham
Ms. Rebekah BashamPhysician Assistant, USA
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“Participating allows you to contribute valuable information and experience from the ground at a time when relevant and factual information is so important to the medical community.”
Words From Our Trusted Partners and Affiliates

Opinions about M3 Global Research and healthcare market research from communities and platforms around the world…

Acta Sanitaria, Spain
Believes that M3 physician surveys are not only an interesting source of additional income, but also supports market research in the healthcare sector.
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Physician Side Gigs, USA
Claim that healthcare market research surveys are a (paid!) way for you to provide your insight to companies that could use your opinions about medications, medical devices, or other things related to your expertise as a physician. The nicest part about this side gig is that it's totally flexible, comes without obligations, and you don't need any special new skills or equipment.
What Else?
PraktischArzt, Germany
Think online market research with M3 Global Research is one of the most flexible and fastest ways to make extra money from home if you have medical knowledge and work experience.
Find Out Why
Vem Tar Hand Om Doktorn?, Sweden
In partnership with this Swedish physician community, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and work-life-balance among physicians.
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