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A selection of our health case studies which are helping to develop the healthcare landscape, as portrayed by the media.

To find out more about M3 Global Research healthcare case studies and how physician market research studies impact the pharmaceutical market trends, explore our selection of healthcare case studies in collaboration with Health Leaders, Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutic Journal, BMJ Open Journal, AACR Journal, Population Health Management, and Frontiers in Public Health. Topics of the studies: Physician telehealth usage, patient insurance, antibiotic resistance, breast and ovarian cancer, guidelines in the diagnosis of vaginitis patients, and diagnostic essays for SARS-Cov-2.


Health Leaders

Physician Telehealth Usage Wallops Early EHR Adoption Rates

M3 Global Research, surveyed 800 physicians: 62.5% were primary care physicians; 37.5% were specialists. American Well, the Boston-based telehealth platform company, which covers more than 150 million individuals through health systems and health plans…

patient insurance

Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutic Journal

Is Patient Insurance Type Related to Physician Recommendation, Administration and Referral for Adult Vaccination?

Physicians were also selected from the M3 Global Research national panel. During this phase, physicians were selected from different geographical regions across the US…

Primary care physicians’ attitudes on antibiotic

BMJ Open Journal

Primary Care Physicians’ Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Antibiotic Resistance and Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship in the USA: a Qualitative Study

Study participants were recruited by M3 Global Research, a medical market research firm. Participants were initially recruited from a panel of healthcare professionals maintained by M3…

breast cancer

AACR Journal

Assessment of and Interventions for Women at High Risk for Breast or Ovarian Cancer: A Survey of Primary Care Physicians

We recruited a cross-sectional sample of PCPs from an online healthcare provider panel hosted by a healthcare market research firm, M3 Global Research

Physicians Considering Leaving the Field

Population Health Management

Physician Awareness and Adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Diagnosis of Vaginitis Patients: A Retrospective Chart Review

The survey was administered online and completed by a random sample of physicians from M3 Global Research’s online panel, which includes more than 4 million health care providers globally..

Frontiers in Public Health

Health Care Professionals' Confidence and Preferences for Diagnostic Assays for SARS-CoV-2: A Global Study

To enable the design and implementation of future diagnostics, in collaboration with M3 Global Research, we sought the opinion of health care professionals from around the world…