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By participating in market research studies, you are involved in shaping the development of new treatments, therapies, and patient outcomes– an effective way to stay up to date with medical news and healthcare developments. ​

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Receive compensation for completed market research studies via our digital M3-Wallet - in a safe, fast, and easy way.​

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M3-Membership is free, and you are not required to participate in any studies. Your personal information is never shared or sold and is legally protected under our privacy policy.

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Dr. Sherrie-Neustein

Dr. Sherrie Neustein

Pediatrics - USA

Over 10 years of experience.


Dr. Leticia Risco Eres

Cardiology - Spain

1 year of experience.

Mr. Stefano Lupparelli FRCS(Eng)​

Mr. Stefano Lupparelli

Orthopaedics - UK and Italy

Over 20 years of experience.

Dr. Hosameldin Otman

Radiology - France

Over 8 years of experience.

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As a healthcare professional, you have valuable knowledge, insight, and experience about how things are in the real world.


What is Healthcare Market Research?

Healthcare market research is a way to gather information and insights about how people feel, think and experience healthcare services, products, and devices.

This can be done through various methodologies such as questionnaires, online surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations studies, among others.

Market research has a vital role in shaping and improving healthcare treatments and products since the core purpose is to get feedback from the people who use them.


How does it impact healthcare developments?

Healthcare market research studies are designed to help life sciences organizations understand how their medications and devices are being used or might be used in the future.

By asking questions and listening to the experiences of patients living with certain conditions and the healthcare professionals that treat those conditions, they are able to make informed decisions on how to further develop their healthcare services and products.