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Improve your M3 Experience


Your M3 Profile is powered by innovations designed to improve your M3 experience, accurately matching your M3 profile information with relevant M3 studies

By answering all your available profile questions in your M3 account, you’ll limit screenouts and only receive study invitations tailored to your experience and interests.

M3 Profile functionality:

Provides easy, intuitive ways to update your M3 Profile

Matches your M3 Profile with M3 studies that you are more likely to qualify for

Saves you time and effort when you participate in M3 studies

Generates an improved, more relevant M3 experience

Log into your M3 account and access “My M3 Profile”

Make sure you tick the box that ask: “Do you agree to participate”

Your M3 Profile will now show you relevant profile questions

Answer questions whenever you want to build your profile data over time

The M3 Profile tool remembers your progress each time you log out, making it easy to continue at any point

M3 Profile Questions: Purpose and Personal Data

The profile questions allow us to streamline the study invitations that we send to you. Your answers help us pre-determine which studies you may qualify for, which means you’ll receive fewer study invitations that aren’t relevant to you. A completed profile also increases your rate of qualification and reduces the likelihood of screening out.

You are always in full control of your data. You can access and download your profile information, or withdraw your consent for us to process your profile data at any time. However, if you decide to withdraw your consent, your historical profile data can not be restored, and you will stop receiving targeted surveys based on your profile and preferences.

Your personal data is legally protected under regulations and data protection laws. All information and data are kept strictly confidential. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy.

How do M3 Profile Questions help me save time and effort when participating in M3 studies?

Each time you participate in an M3 study, you´ll be asked to complete screening questions. You can read more about what screeners are, and how to avoid screening out here.

Each screener has 3-4 initial pre-screening questions which will be used to determine whether you qualify for a study without requiring you to complete the screener in its entirety. Many of these ‘pre-screening questions’ are included in M3PQs. This means that you will have fewer questions to answer during the pre-screening if you have already updated your M3 Profile and answered all your M3PQs. By doing so, you save time and effort each time you participate in an M3 study.

If a pre-screener contains a question you have not yet answered in the M3PQs, your answers will automatically be added to your M3 Profile. Next time this question appears in a pre-screener, your previous answer will be shown and you can either change it or confirm it, instead of having to answer it again.

Please note that some questions are re-asked after a certain period of time to ensure that your M3 Profile is up to date, and so we can continue inviting you to M3 studies that are most relevant to you.

how it works

Building Your M3 Profile

Answer quick and easy questions when you log in or participate in a study.

Leading Technology

The dynamic profile tool uses your responses to accurately match you with studies.

Refined Invitations

As your new M3 profile develops, you will start receiving more refined invitations.