July 15, 2022

Screenout Less. Earn More Money with Paid Market Research Studies

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If you want to earn more money by participating in paid market research studies, time is your most valuable resource.
The more paid studies you´re able to complete, the more money you can make. Here is the complete guide for healthcare professionals on how to earn more money through the best paid online surveys and avoid screening out.

M3 Global Research works with over 2 million healthcare professionals around the world who participate in paid market research as a way to earn extra money and gain new knowledge about developments and trends in their medical fields. In 2021 alone, our global M3 Panel completed over 650,000 paid market research studies.

From our 20 years’ experience of working with healthcare professionals and paid market research in healthcare, here we have gathered the most frequently asked questions and misconceptions about paid market research and screenouts. Below you will also find M3´s insider tips on how to avoid unnecessary screenouts and how to better qualify for more paid market research studies as a healthcare professional.

Before diving deeper into our insider tips on how to earn more money through paid market research studies, let´s cover the most asked questions about market research screeners and screenout first.


Although we understand that screenouts can be time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes considered as a stumbling block to earning quick money, screening questions cannot be removed from market research studies. They are an essential part of the research process, just like an interview is essential to the hiring process.


Screenout Facts You Need to Know for Paid Market Research Studies

What is the purpose of a screeners/ screening questions in paid market research?

A screener is a list of questions, also called screening questions, that are asked before panel members can be selected to participate in a paid market research study. The screening questions are designed to identify suitable respondents who qualify for the study as a way to only include participants who meet the predetermined requirements of the research. This is to ensure that the study’s research objectives are met and that the findings are meaningful and unbiased.

This is particularly important for healthcare market research, as this type of market research affects future healthcare developments and patient outcomes. Therefore, screeners for healthcare professionals tend to be more specific and eligibility criteria stricter, which makes them slightly longer compared to regular market research studies. On average, a typical healthcare market research screener should not exceed 15 questions or take longer than five to ten minutes to answer; although occasionally there are exceptions.

What is a screenout?

A screenout in paid market research, often also referred to as screening out, means that the participant failed to qualify for the research thus not being able to take part in the paid study. A screenout doesn’t reflect the status or expertise of a healthcare professional in any way – it simply means that the objectives and criteria of the research study did not match one or more of the answers that was provided in the screener.

Why do I get invited to paid studies and online surveys that I don´t qualify for?

As a M3 Global Research panellist, you will receive personal invitations to paid market research studies that match your M3 Profile. Indicators such as your profession, medical experience, medical specialty, disease area, patient focus and so on, will determine which paid market research studies you´ll be invited to. Although your M3 Profile is a great tool to determine who may qualify for a study, it is not specific enough to ensure that all research criteria are met.

As mentioned above, healthcare market research requires more specific qualification criteria which can only be determined with a screener. On one hand M3 want to give panel members a chance to participate in as many studies as possible, whilst on the other hand, we try to minimise the frustration of not qualifying and loosing time screening out. You may want to read more about our intelligent Dynamic Profiling system that has specifically been developed to accurately match our M3 Members to available paid market research studies to minimise screenouts and provide a better user experience.

Why am I asked the same screening questions over and over again?

This is a great question, and the reason is data protection. We do not keep any data provided in screeners. M3 Global Research maintains ISO 26362 and 27001 certifications and follows international laws and best practices when it comes to data collection, personal data protection, and data security (you can read more about this in our Privacy Policy).


This means that the screening data is only used to screen you in or out of a single study. The information entered is not kept or stored anywhere once a study is closed. If we already have some of this specific information in your M3 Profile, we still need you to confirm this in the screening questions to ensure your profile matches the requirements for each individual study.


To understand more about M3´s paid market research screening process, we recommend that you read the M3 Screening FAQS and our Frequently Asked Questions, to find answers to questions concerning data collection, payment for time spend on screeners and paid study qualifications.

Earn more money

How to Earn More Money by Participating in Paid Market Research Studies

As mentioned in one of our latest M3 Blog posts about “5 ways how to make extra money as a healthcare professional”, one of the best ways for making extra money while working as a full time healthcare professional is to participate in paid market research studies.

Even though M3 studies are well compensated and a good way to earn money in healthcare, we understand that doctors and other healthcare professionals have a limited amount of time to complete paid medical studies and online surveys. Thus, making it important to have a good strategy of how to select and qualify for paid studies that are most relevant, lucrative, and interesting for your profession and medical specialty.

Here are our insider tips on how to optimise time spent on screeners and paid market research studies to earn extra money with M3 Global Research.
earn money in healthcare with paid market research

Identify and access the best paid online surveys for healthcare professionals :

Assuming that you already signed up for free to our M3 Global Panel, you´ll have access to a personal member dashboard where you can see a list of available paid studies that match your M3 Profile, based on the information you provided when signing up (profession, medical experience, medical specialty, disease area, patient focus, etc.). After confirming your email address and completing the verification process to ensure your eligibility, you will start to receive personal invitations to paid market research studies related to your profession and medical specialty.

To find out which of these paid market research studies that are most relevant to you, we recommend you use the member dashboard as a way to compare and select the most suitable paid studies based on the topic, compensation, time and methodology (online surveys, telephone interviews, focus groups, etc.) – allowing you to cherry pick the ones that meet your objectives.

Remember, M3 have new projects every week, so it´s a good idea to keep an eye out for new paid studies on a regular basis to not miss any opportunities that might be interesting to you and that might help you to earn money in healthcare.

Save time and avoid screening out when taking part in paid medical studies

As an M3 Member you will get personal invitations to the  best paid online surveys for healthcare professionals via email once you completed your M3 Profile. Here you can read more about our M3 Digest Email´s that are designed to save time and space in your inbox, and ensure that our M3 Panel Members have a seamless user experience when invited to M3 studies.

Some professions and medical specialties tend to have a higher amount of available paid studies and paid online surveys than others, and it might be difficult to know which ones to prioritise. If you have a busy schedule and a limited amount of time available to participate in paid medical research studies, we recommend for you to set up some objectives before applying to take part.

Market research is another way to earn money in healthcare, so just like any other job, you need to do your due diligence and know what your minimum requirements are before applying. Here are some example questions for you to consider before selecting which M3 study to participate in.

After answering these three questions, we would recommend for you to gather all the paid studies you are invited to during the week and then carefully select the ones that meet your goals and match the study requirements. This will prevent you from spending too much time on paid studies that don´t fit your own objectives or don´t meet the research objectives – which means you will save time and avoid screening out.

If you are unsure about the research objectives and want to have more information before you decide to apply, you can always contact out SUPPORT TEAM that will put you in contact with the project manager who can help answer specific questions about the study you´re interested in.
Paid market research - earn money in healthcare

Qualify for more paid market research studies within your medical specialty 

To save time, avoid screening out, and get invited to paid market research studies that better match your work specification and medical expertise, we recommend for you to complete your M3 Profile Questions by answering the listed questions.

Once you have completed your M3 Profile, our intelligent Dynamic Profiling system will be able to help us be more precise and accurate when selecting whom to invite to each paid study. This means that you will get invited to relevant paid studies that better match your professional profile and interests, which saves you time in sorting through studies and helping against screening out.

Depending on your profession and medical specialty, the profile questions vary in depth and quantity. Sometimes you´ll only find one to five questions and in some cases up to twenty questions. One thing worth remembering is, just like in any other job application, the more time you spend on your CV and personal letter, the higher are the chances that you´ll find the perfect match for you and your goals to earn money in healthcare.

And finally, it is very important that you keep your M3 Profile updated whenever you change your job, title, contact details, or any other work-related assignments that may impact you qualifying for paid market research studies with M3 Global Research.

M3 Global Research strives for the highest possible market research quality for our clients, panel members and the people that M3 studies serve – because our future healthcare provision and patient outcomes depend on it. Your participation makes a difference.

If you want to learn more about participating in paid market research studies, earn more money and how you get paid, check out these two M3 Blog posts:

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