5 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Healthcare Professional 

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Working as a Doctor or a Healthcare Professional is Considered to Be One of the Most Demanding and Time-Consuming Jobs in the World.

So how do you get time to earn more income, if you wish to make extra money on a side job in healthcare while working as full-time healthcare providers? M3 Global Research provides you with 5 ways how to make extra money as a healthcare professional.

There are very few 9 to 5 jobs in the healthcare sector. In comparison, many other industries provide comfortable Monday to Friday schedules that allow employees to have a healthy work-life balance that gives people more time and opportunities to make extra money as a healthcare professional; also known as side hustles or side gigs.

Life as a healthcare professional is very different. Demanding and irregular working hours can be up to 28 hours long, schedules can switch from early mornings to late nights and on-call duties are often part of the job. Additionally, the psychological stress caused by their professional obligations requires a longer than usual recovery time.

Read more about Work-Life balance for healthcare professionals in our M3 Blog.

Needless to say, time is very precious for many doctors and healthcare providers. So how do people with a full-time job in the medical field make extra money on the side? With so little time, the only solution is to not waste time on commuting but instead focus on a remote side job in healthcare that allows you to work from home. Here are our top 5 recommendations on how to make extra money online as a healthcare professional.

Top 5 Online Side Jobs for Healthcare Providers – ways to Make Extra Money as a Healthcare Professional

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#1 Healthcare Market Research Studies – Get Paid to Share Your Medical Expertise 

You may think it is biased to place this as our number one option to make extra income since M3 Global Research is a market research company that conducts paid healthcare studies for healthcare providers. However, the fact remains that this is one of the most flexible and quick ways to make extra money from home if you have medical knowledge and job experience; and M3 Global Research is the global market leader in healthcare market research.

Compared to earning money as a social media influencer (#2) or with affiliate marketing (#3), this option does not require any investment or time-consuming preparation before you can start earning money. Compared to being a medical virtual assistant (#4) or an online medical tutor (#5), you don’t need to rely on getting hired.

Becoming a part-time market research participant generates immediate income. On the other hand, it may be more limited in terms of how much money you can earn since this type of income isn’t scalable nor passive, compared to affiliate marketing for example. This is because you are limited by the time you are able to spend on completing paid surveys and may be restricted by the number of studies that are available to your field and medical expertise.

Working as a doctor or healthcare professional means that you have more experience, knowledge, and understanding of patient care, medical products, and healthcare services compared to anyone else. Those insights are valuable, and market research companies will pay good money to get your expert opinions about healthcare-related topics.

How does it work?  

  1. Do your research and choose a healthcare market research company of your preference. Here you can read moreAbout M3 Global Research and our Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Register with a market research panel that offers paid market research studies to healthcare providers. Registration is often free and quick. Most companies want you to verify your professional status by providing your medical license. M3 Global Research for example uses a tool called YOTI to make the verification process simple and fast. 
  3. Create a profile that highlights your professional experience and medical specialty so that you can get invitations to relevant studies that you get paid for
  4. Choose between available market research studies that work best for you in terms of compensation, a wide variety of healthcare topics, and different methodologies such as paid online surveys,telephone interviews, and online focus group interviews, among others.   
  5. Depending on the length and type of study, as well as your profession and medical specialty, you will earn different amounts per completed study. As an M3 member, your compensation is paid directly through our digital .

Regardless, if you choose to participate in paid studies with M3 Global Research or with another company, this is a great way to make extra money online whenever your schedule allows. The best part is that it does not cost you anything and you are not obligated to participate in anything – you are your own boss!

#2 Healthcare Content on Social Media – Make Money as a Healthcare Influencer

You may think that a social media influencer needs to have millions of followers and be one of those Instagram stars. But it turns out that you can make money on social media without being famous, especially if you´re just looking for extra income – not a full-time job. Creating short, insightful content pieces for a niche market can be lucrative and a great option to make extra money online.


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As a doctor or healthcare professional, you have more insights and knowledge about one of the worlds´ most trendy topics – healthcare – compared to the general public. Why not take this knowledge, share it, and make some extra money as a healthcare professional!

If you´re already active and enjoy creating content such as photos, stories, videos, memes or writing catchy bios/ descriptions – this is a great option for you. There are many ways to earn money on social media but one of the most lucrative and quick ways of doing so, is through affiliate marketing.

If you are unfamiliar with the term and want a step-by-step guide on what it means and how to start making money with affiliate marketing, we recommend for you to read this article by Later Blog.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by collaborating with businesses and help marketing their brand, products, and services to your social media community to increase their sales or to help build their brand reputation. There are many types of payment schemes and set-ups, but normally you will get paid by the number of clicks or sales that are made through an affiliate link. An affiliate link is a unique link that will be provided to you by the business you collaborate with, which you can share and incorporate in your social media content in a way that is attractive to your community. The more niche you are, the less followers you need as businesses will pay higher fees to reach niche audiences, such as “Oncologists” or “Labour and Delivery Nurses” etc.

If you´re already active on social media and want to work with something creative, this is a great option for you. Yes, it will require research and time to set everything up before you can start earning money. However, once the foundation is set up and you got the hang of it, this is a great side job in healthcare that you can integrate into your day-to-day healthcare job and work on the go!
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#3 Become a Healthcare Advocate – Earn Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing  

As mentioned above, affiliate marketing can be done in different ways and some of the options are more time-consuming compared to other options. If you’re looking for a faster way to earn passive income with affiliate marketing, this may be a good option for you. However, it requires you to have a genuine interest for healthcare market research and a community of healthcare providers.

This type of side job in healthcare can be considered a passive income because once you have set up your social media channel and shared your affiliate links to your community (as explained in #2), people can click/ buy/ register without you actually doing anything; meaning you could be sleeping and still make money through your affiliate links. Here are three steps to get you started:

Select a social media platform that you are active on and that can reach the people you want to communicate with, depending on what brand/ products/ services you plan to do affiliate marketing for.
Reach out to companies that you believe would be a good fit for your community and you want to work with. Let them know that you are available to work with them through affiliate marketing.
When you receive your affiliate links, make sure that you are transparent with your community and let them know that this is sponsored content whenever you post, recommend, or share anything that includes paid links.

M3 Global Research works exclusively with healthcare influencers and M3 panel members who are engaged on social media and understand the important role healthcare market research has in shaping future healthcare developments and patient outcomes. Their genuine interest of sharing the benefits of participating in paid healthcare studies has made them M3 Ambassadors. Being selected as an M3 Ambassador means that you are a healthcare advocate and can start making extra money through our affiliate program.

To get access to this opportunity which gives you the possibility to earn a profitable passive income every month, you need to be an M3 panel member. If you are interested in this option, you can read more about our M3 Ambassadors and find out how to apply.

#4 Medical Virtual Assistant – an Online Side Job in Healthcare

Virtual assistants provide remote administrative and technical services. This is a great option for healthcare providers with irregular schedules since this side job often offers flexible working hours and can be done entirely from home with basic equipment such as a computer or a laptop, a mobile phone, a headset with a microphone, and a reliable internet connection. Medical Virtual Assistants are often tasked with improving clinical workflows and helping healthcare providers to manage administrative tasks which may include:

  • Accessing patients’ records to deliver therapy guidelines and information to patients 
  • Improving patient discharge and following up the treatment processes 
  • Providing non-clinical guidance 
If this looks interesting to you, check out Meticulous Research´s TOP 10 COMPANIES IN HEALTHCARE VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS MARKET.
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#5 Online Medical Tutor – Make Extra Money by Supporting Medical Students 

Do you remember being a medical student yourself? If you do, you probably remember that it was tough, and a little help went a long way. Sometimes, the support from teachers and peers is simply not enough and having an online medical tutor could be a real savior. There are many ways to become an online tutor within your medical specialty. If you work as a freelance medical tutor, you will be able to manage this side job schedule according to your full-time medical job and choose students and times as you see fit. Here are some useful websites where you can list yourself as an available online tutor and start earning extra money by supporting medical students:

  1. TeacherOn – a free website, trusted by thousands of students and teachers, throughout the world. 
  2. Spires – connects students and tutors anywhere on any device. 
  3. TutotHunt – makes the whole process of locating tutors quick and easy for students.  

We could all use some extra cash flow through a side job from time to time. Perhaps to save money, start investing, putting money aside for our children, finally take that well-deserved vacation or simply to be able to pay bills. Whatever your reason is to make extra money on the side, we would advise you to work smart, not hard. And above all, stay healthy at all costs!

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