Paid Medical Surveys for Physicians, M3´s “How To” Guide

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Can paid medical surveys for physicians serve as a secondary income stream, and is it a legitimate way for doctors to earn extra income? Here you´ll find answers to the six most commonly asked questions about paid market research in healthcare and how to improve doctors’ income.

In the current economic climate, even physicians need to think about saving money, cash buffers, future investments, and retirement plans. Being a medical expert, having a meaningful title or a higher-than-average salary does not offer guaranteed protection from external factors. Even if you are employed with a secure monthly wage, an extra income can be required.

M3 Global Research have been offering physicians paid market research studies for two decades, across 70 countries. While delivering millions of paid medical surveys, we also conducted our own research into WHY medical doctors and specialists decide to participate in them. If you are a physician and looking for convenient and legitimate ways to boost your monthly income with a secondary income stream, these six commonly-asked questions and answers might help you make an informed decision.

Working with over two million healthcare professionals globally offers us a unique perspective and in-depth understanding of what really matters to the people who care for patients on a daily basis. Questions about survey compensation, methods of payment, and how you can qualify for paid medical surveys are both common and relevant, which will be covered here. However, we know that other considerations are equally important to physicians, including:

Recently we have identified an increase in physicians seeking alternative doctors’ income and new ways to supplement their monthly wage. Global inflation and rising living costs affect everyone regardless of status, and securing a strong financial future should be a priority for all.

Paid medical surveys for physicians

6 Q&As About Earning Money by Participating in Paid Medical Surveys for Physicians

Here we answer commonly-asked questions about paid medical surveys and present valuable insights gathered from thousands of M3 members and medical doctors. To start earning extra income with paid physician surveys, you can join our global physician-panel by signing up here.

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improve doctors' income with secondary income stream

1. What Are Paid Medical Surveys for Physicians?

Paid physician surveys offered by M3 Global Research are market research studies that are specifically aimed at physicians and specialists. It´s an opportunity for doctors to share their medical knowledge and recommendations for healthcare products, new treatments, and topics relevant to their medical specialty, while benefiting from a secondary income stream.

When physicians and specialists participate in paid medical surveys with M3 they are well compensated for their time and contribute to further developments within their medical field. The data and results collected from M3 physician studies are essential for pharmaceutical companies and life science organisations to make informed decisions. To ensure that their medical products and services are effective, suitable, and user friendly they need opinions from medical experts who interact with patients and understand real-life applications.

By voicing your expert opinion as a physician, you impact the future experience of patients and their healthcare outcomes.

2. What Types of Paid Physician Surveys do M3 Global Research Offer, and How Much do They Pay?

M3 Global Research offers different types of paid medical surveys for physicians. All our paid healthcare studies are designed to be as flexible as possible to give physicians the opportunity to earn extra income in ways that fit into their busy schedules.

Both research methodologies and compensation amounts are dependent on market demand and seasonality. Therefore, it is difficult to be specific about exact participation time and how much you’ll get paid.

Each paid study for physicians varies in length, complexity, and methodology. Some studies can be as short as 15 minutes, while others can be up to 60 minutes or longer. The length depends on whether it’s an online survey, telephone or video interview, focus group, chart study, or other study methods.

Many M3 studies are now remote and kept under 90 minutes, however, there are exceptions. If you´re participating in a virtual study, you´ll often need a computer with a camera and access to the internet to take part.

Here are five examples of M3´s paid market research methodologies for physicians.
Research Methodology Average Active Timespan Equipment needed
Online survey
Smart phone or computer with internet connection
Digital and/or webcam interview
Landline telephone or smartphone
Telephone interview
Computer with internet connection
Online bulletin board
Computer with internet connection
Virtual (online) focus group
Smart phone or computer with internet connection

The best way to find what studies are available to you, and to find out how much money you can earn for each physician survey and paid market research study is to log in to your M3 Account and check your “Available Study” dashboard. If you´re not a member yet, you can register here.

As an M3 member, your payments are processed via M3 Wallet, a digital payment platform that is an easy and secure way to manage your payments and withdraw your earnings.

secondary income stream with market research in healthcare

3. Is My Personal Data Secure and Am I Always Anonymous When Participating in Paid Medical Surveys?

The answer is yes. Your personal data is always secure, and your identity and survey results are always anonymous, unless you sign a consent form that states otherwise.

Here’s how.

All market research studies, including paid physician surveys, conducted by M3 Global Research follow both market specific and international regulations, and best practice guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which dictates how we collect and process personal information in a transparent, voluntary, and secure way. GDPR also requires us to offer immediate withdrawal of, and easy access to all your personal information, at any time.

  • M3 maintains ISO 20252 and 27001 certifications for our physician panel, which are international quality standards that guide how organisations conduct market, opinion, and social research. The frameworks are continuously updated and cover a broad spectrum of quantitative and qualitative techniques and globally recognised research methodologies.
  • M3 Global Research’s Privacy Policy, is a legal outline of how we collect, process, store, delete, and share data. Identifiable personal data will never be shared to clients or third parties without your explicit consent. This means that your identity and survey results are always anonymous, unless you have been asked and signed a consent form that clearly states why.
In addition, M3 Global Research is a recognised industry leader in compliance and information security. But what does that mean for you?

Not only do we follow best practices and regulations formulated by others, we also develop our own best practices, and lead by example to ensure that the safety needs of our panel members and clients are fully met. We have a team of compliance experts who are dedicated to:
  • Regularly updating compliance guidelines and processes.
  • Ensuring that every single employee is aware, trained, and follows all processes and best practices.
  • Investigate, spot-check, and help resolve compliance queries.
improve doctors' income with market research in healthcare

4. Is it Ethical to Take Part in Paid Medical Surveys, and How Legitimate Is the Market Research Industry?

Yes, participating in M3 Global Research’s paid medical surveys for physicians is entirely ethical and a legitimate way to obtain a secondary income stream.

This is down to the highly responsible and considered way we conduct our paid market research in healthcare, which ensures that the identities of physicians are not revealed to sponsors, and payments are processed by us directly to physicians, preventing any potential research bias.

We also ensure that the clients we partner with observe all ethical and legal guidelines, and that physician participants are verified and screened properly to maintain excellent data quality.

5. I want to Participate in Paid Medical Surveys, How Does It Work?

There are five steps to start a secondary income stream thanks to paid medical surveys for physicians with M3:

TIP: You can read our testimonial page to hear from your peers about their experiences, but we recommend simply trying it out for yourself!
Resource: Register here

TIP: Have your ID and medical licence ready when you register to speed up the process.
Resource: Read about our verification tool, Yoti, data security and data privacy at M3 here.

TIP: Build your profile over time and make it as detailed as possible, as this information is used to match you to the most relevant healthcare studies and available paid medical surveys.
Resource: Learn how to limit screenouts and increase the likelihood of you qualifying.

TIP: Make sure that your email and phone number are up-to-date so you can be the first to hear about new paid research opportunities before they fill up.
Resource: Check out how we send study invitations with our M3 Daily Digest Emails

TIP: All your payments will be processed via your M3 Wallet. We recommend you pre-selecting your preferred payment method so when it’s time you can get paid with one-click.
Resource: Understand more about M3 Wallet

Paid medical surveys for physicians, earn a secondary income stream with market research in healthcare

6. Apart From Earning Extra Income, Why Else Should I Participate in Paid Healthcare Market Research Studies With M3?

If you haven’t read our testimonial page yet, we recommend you doing so. It will give you good insight to why physicians join our M3 panel and how they feel about conducting paid medical surveys with us.

Some of the main reasons that are mentioned over and over again by physicians and other M3 panel members is that they enjoy voicing their opinions and subsequently impacting developments in their own medical fields whilst staying informed about new healthcare developments. We take great pride in this feedback. Here are a few examples:

“I love doing surveys. I believe I contribute to understanding these topics from the doctor's perspective "on the ground" and to help and promote the industry. Sometimes, the questions make you rethink certain issues and keep you updated. A further challenge to our minds!

“The surveys of M3 Global Research give me valuable insights into the complicated mindset of the pharmaceutical industry.”

“I love being a part of M3 Global Research! It keeps me active and updated in my profession, and I feel that my opinions are valued.”

Do you have more questions about paid medical surveys for physicians? If so, we are happy to help answer them! Contact us here or continue reading about:

How to Boost Doctors' Income?

Are you working as a doctor? Are you looking for a secondary income stream as a healthcare professional? We know ways to boost doctors' income, join today to take part in market research in healthcare.

How to Boost Doctors' Income?

Are you working as a doctor? Are you looking for a secondary income stream as a healthcare professional? We know ways to boost doctors' income, join today to take part in market research.

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