June 3, 2021

Physician Surveys: Earn Extra Income to Impact the Future of Healthcare

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Medical market research offers a variety of surveys for money and is one way to earn an extra income as a healthcare professional in any medical field.

Whilst physicians participate in the latest paid research studies online, they can earn an extra income by receiving compensation for each survey and learning about the newest trends and treatment options available on the market. The healthcare sector looks to legitimate medical research companies like M3 Global Research to gather intelligence from people on the front line.

Oncology, for example,  is one of the fields in medicine always looking for participants to share their own experience and expertise to help advance medical education and expand services available to cancer patients, paving the way for their future. As treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and biological treatment for cancer play ever-growing importance in today’s world, physicians are often asked to assist and shape their future to improve a cancer patient’s care.

Is it worth my time?

There are many medical research companies around the world looking for oncologists to join their panel for paid research studies online. But to choose the best medical research company can be daunting. Factors to consider may be their reputation in the market, the size and quality of their panel, how much money they pay for doctors to participate in studies and even how many studies they have available are important to know before joining a panel. Is it a legitimate medical research company that can be trusted with personal data? How quickly will payment to my account be processed? Is it worth my time? 

Knowing how valuable a physician’s time is, M3 Global Research makes signing up easy and straight-forward.

To start, all a healthcare professional will need to do is to register for free to create a profile.

An automatic verification takes place via a tool called YOTI. Then some questions about expertise are asked. This is done to ensure that future invitations to surveys can be relevant and specific to the doctor’s specialty.

Of course, there is never an obligation to participate, even if an invite is sent out. Online surveys will state exactly how much money will be paid and how much estimated time it will take to complete the survey. This way, any healthcare professional can decide if participating is worth their time and if they can earn a substantial additional income.

Earn extra income for taking part in healthcare market research

Compensation is paid for every survey successfully completed. M3 Global Research adds compensation to an online payment account called M3 Wallet. Here M3 users can select their desired payment method. Payment is quickly processed so that the compensation reaches the user’s own account fast. While compensation for each survey depends on the scope of the survey, the estimated length of the survey, and the date by which a paid survey needs to be completed which will be noted in the invitation email. 

compensation for each survey - earn extra income

The experience

M3 Global Research strives to improve the healthcare professionals’ experience when participating in paid surveys at all times. Processes are continuously under evaluation and feedback from the panel is listened to in addition to the in-house UX experts ensuring a smooth customer journey throughout the survey process.  This ensures the most relevant surveys are sent out to the panel. Please check some of our current available studies

legitimate medical research company - paid research studies online

Sign up now for M3 Global Research

Join a global, highly regarded network of physicians in America, Asia, and Europe looking to make the world a better place. Participating in medical research helps you to earn extra income and is critical to healthcare innovation and the newest trends and treatment options available and you will get compensation for each survey.

compensation for each survey - earn extra income - newest trends and treatment options available

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