What is healthcare market research?

What is healthcare market research?

The healthcare industry use market research to access the expert opinions of doctors and a variety of other professionals, regarding products and services currently or potentially being marketed, to ensure they are relevant, safe and will have the opportunity to succeed.

At M3 Global Research, our market research studies focus on healthcare and providing insight and direction to healthcare industry leaders in medical care, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

When M3 Global Research panel members participate in studies, they directly influence the direction of  the healthcare industry. Healthcare market research studies help life sciences organizations understand how their medications and devices are being used or might be used in the future. They also frequently involve listening to the experiences of patients living with the conditions they’re interested in as well as from the healthcare professionals that treat those conditions.  

To find out more about previous M3 Global Research studies, explore our ‘M3 in Media’ page where you can read about a recent study on antibiotic overuse and physician awareness.

If you want to learn more about healthcare market research and how you can take part in it please visit our FAQ section or contact us here

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