What is Healthcare Market Research?

The pharmaceutical industry use physician market research to access the expert opinions of doctors and a variety of medical experts, regarding products and services currently or potentially being marketed, to ensure they are relevant, safe and will be able to lead pharmaceutical market trends.


Healthcare market research and M3. At M3 Global Research, we conduct paid surveys, focus groups and user interviews, with a focus on healthcare to provide insights from medical experts to healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries leaders

When our research panel members participate in a panel survey, they directly influence the direction of the healthcare industry. Healthcare market research studies help life sciences organizations understand how their medications and devices are being used or might be used in the future. They also frequently involve listening to the experiences of patients living with the conditions they’re interested in as well as from the healthcare professionals that treat those conditions.

Why is market research important for healthcare?

Healthcare market research is a vital tool for pharmaceutical companies to identify needs (both for medical experts and patients), answer questions, and be on top of pharmaceutical market trends.

Healthcare market research helps industry leaders to better understand prescribing, patient numbers, the effectiveness of communications, and patient types and characteristics. Panel surveys help them see how medicines are being used outside a trial setting.

Market research can also tell if there are anomalies in patient characteristics in greater numbers, as individual cases may not look unusual to busy medical experts. In addition, One important insight given from market research is to anticipate usage so that industry leaders can forecast demand and make sure they never run out of medicine.

Another use of healthcare market research is to understand the educational needs of healthcare professionals, in order to build medical education programs to deliver meaningful and useful disease area education.

To find out more about previous M3 Global Research healthcare market research studies and how physician market research impact the pharmaceutical market trends, explore our ‘M3 in Media’ page where you can read about a recent panel survey on antibiotic overuse and physician awareness.

If you want to learn more about physician market research and how you can take part in it please visit our FAQ section or contact us here

Find out how easy is to register and participate in healthcare market research.

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Medical Students, Pharmacists, Healthcare Executives, and other healthcare professionals and individuals that are interested in the healthcare industry can all register to be a member. Also, consumers and patients that are interested in giving their opinion about goods, services, medication, etc. in the healthcare industry can join to be members of the community.

During the registration process, you will need to enter your First and Last Names, your profession and specialty (if applicable), professional title, and address and express your willingness to receive market research invitation emails through M3 Global Research. This information will be helpful in identifying the correct surveys that are pertinent to you and your specialty/title/condition. All information is kept strictly confidential and is never sold to third parties.

All invitations will include the type of study that you are being invited to participate in. Most of the surveys conducted can be completed online; other types of research conducted by M3 Global Research include telephone interviews, focus groups, webcam interviews, in-person interviews, social media research, chat groups, etc.

When you register to be on the M3 Global Research panel, you agree to receive email invitations to research surveys that we are conducting. You can pick and choose the surveys that you would like to participate in by looking at the information in the invitation, which covers the topic of the survey,compensation information, deadline, etc. The compensation amount offered for each research opportunity will be stated in the invitation email. Compensation is provided to you in the M3 Wallet and is typically available 2 business days after your successful completion of the study.

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M3 Global Research works within very strict guidelines and compliance is at the heart of everything we do. We are members of the MRS, BHBIA, EphMRA, MHRA, CASRO and PMRG and our team is trained to ensure we follow all market research rules of conduct.

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The pharmaceutical industry use physician market research to access the expert opinions of doctors and a variety of medical experts, regarding products and services currently or potentially being marketed, to ensure they are relevant, safe and will be able to lead pharmaceutical market trends.

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