M3 wallet

Secure Payments for Paid Studies

M3 Wallet

Experience seamless and secure payment options with M3 Wallet

M3 Global Research provides millions of physicians, healthcare professionals, and individuals with secure payments daily. To ensure a seamless, secure, and transparent process, we developed our own payment tool called M3 Wallet. The digital wallet gives our M3 members access to convenient and secure payment options for every paid study and earned compensation at M3.



Complete a paid M3 study


Compensation is added to your M3 Wallet


Access your M3 Wallet and select a payment option


Payment is sent
to you


M3 Wallet Features

Complete overview of your survey history

Country specific payment options

Easy retrieval of your earnings

Ongoing balance monitoring

Mobile friendly navigation

Whenever you complete paid studies or receive rewards as an M3 member, your earnings will be processed via the M3 Wallet, available on your M3 account. Gain control and full visibility of your study earnings, financial activity, and payment history at M3 Global Research. 


Each payment request requires verification of a user’s identity to avoid unauthorised payments

A secure environment that eliminates the constant need to enter payment details with each request

All payment information can only be accessed and edited by the holder of the M3 wallet


24/7 access

Possibility to accumulate compensation for up to 12 months

Option to request payment as soon as funds become available in your wallet after completing a paid study. Alternatively, you can also choose to consolidate multiple compensations and make a single payment request

Ability to update payment method and payment amount on all payment requests that haven't been processed yet

A direct route to get in touch with our support team


A personalised dashboard with complete survey history of every study you´ve taken part in and received compensation for

Complete overview of your payment history and real-time balance

Detailed information on unsuccessful payments to avoid recurrent failures

Access to the latest payment options available in the country of residence

First-hand information to support tax obligations for US residents