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Gain Control Over Payments For Completed Studies

M3 Wallet

The new and innovative feature that will enable participants to have optimum control over payments

Paid surveys for doctors and healthcare professionals are becoming popular but payment methods often look foggy and complicated. While it is always preferable to avoid online surveys that pay cash in hand, with M3 Wallet, getting paid to do surveys has become easy and secure.

how to earn from paid surveys


Complete a survey and compensation will be added to your M3 Wallet


Visit your M3 Wallet and request a payment


Payment is sent to you


Your M3 Wallet includes

Clear description of your survey history

Easy retrieval of your earnings

Ongoing balance monitoring

Easy navigation that is mobile friendly

It’s now possible to request the payment after each completed survey or request it for several surveys together and there is no need to wait for the study to close before being paid. The compensation for every completed survey is added to the M3 Wallet and it will be possible to request a payment at any time by choosing an available method and providing the relevant information.


A personalised dashboard to ease the user experience, check the status of all earnt compensations for every paid surveys for doctors you took part in, and available balances in real-time.

Access to the latest payments options available in the country of residence.

Capability to check the status and latest update on “payments for completed surveys” requests and their outcomes.

Detailed information on unsuccessful payments to avoid recurrent failures.

First-hand information to support tax obligations.

Speed and Flexibility

24/7 access

Possibility to request payments shortly after completing a survey or other convenient time – for online surveys that pay any amount.

A direct route to get in touch with our support teams.


Capability to consolidate multiple compensations from participating in paid surveys for doctors, in a single payment request.

Ability to cancel any “no-processing” payment request to change the method or amount.

Possibility to accumulate compensation for up to 12 months.


Each payment request requires the verification of a user’s identity to avoid unauthorised payments.

A secure environment that eliminates the constant need to enter payment details with each request.

All payment information can be only accessed and edited by the holder of the M3 wallet.

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Getting paid to do surveys
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