Ms. Fatima Adeola Ajayi

Ms. Fatima Adeola Ajayi

Family or General Practice - United Kingdom

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Ms. Fatima Adeola Ajayi is a General Nurse with 7 years of experience.
Her interest in research started from her school days when she was able to work alongside senior lecturers as a research assistant.


Ms. Fatima Adeola Ajayi also carried out supervised research which includes:

Assessment, perception and the uptake of Health and screening services among women of reproductive age, drug adherence and compliance among people of 30-70years of age.


Ms. Fatima Adeola Ajayi has also worked in acute hospital settings both surgical and medical wards, adult and paediatric emergencies, and radiology as a radiology nurse.


She equally has experience in data collection and reporting to sponsors on HIV testing and counseling services, which involved going to the hospitals to collect a number of those who tested positive for the week and every related data that concerns HCT.


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