Confidence in the CDC against Coronavirus

In February 2020, we asked our US panel community of healthcare professionals and members of the general public if they felt confident in the CDC and American Healthcare system's ability to handle fast-spreading diseases like the coronavirus (Covid-19).

At the time of the poll’s launch, less than 20 confirmed cases were in the states and no deaths had occurred. The CDC had started sharing guidelines around hand-washing, face mask use, and travel concerns. While the threat hadn’t escalated in the US, American media reported extensively on the virus’s spread in other countries. 

Our poll found that most respondents did not feel confident in the CDC and the American Healthcare system. Over 50% of healthcare professionals said they are somewhat not confident or not confident at all. However, around 15% of general public and 20% of healthcare professionals reported they were very confident in the CDC. A little over 10% of each group was neutral in opinion.

When this poll was conducted in February, the coronavirus in America had just started. As the situation continues, we’d like to hear your thoughts about the coronavirus. M3 has launched an unpaid study for you to share your opinion with us. Please look for this survey in your M3 account under ‘New Surveys’ and share your concerns.

We are still looking for healthcare professionals and general public to take part, register today and share your opinion

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  1. I do not believe that the CDC nor the Trump Administration realizes how vast and interdependent our nation is and how much (it) depends on the services provided by them.

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