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We send the “M3 Pulse” to our community, a single question survey to our members to ask about relevant healthcare related issues. We combine and compare the results and share them with you, so that you can see how your opinion differs to those of your colleagues from around the world.

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E-cigarettes: aid or a habit?

A recent study with adult smokers who had approached the NHS Stop Smoking Services compared e-cigarettes with nicotine-replacement ... Read more

Human-animal embryo experiments

Human-animal embryo experiments

Japan's government approved a request by scientists to conduct stem-cell experiments to create an animal-human hybrid and allow it ... Read more

European migrant crisis

European migrant crisis and health systems

According to the UN Refugee Agency more than 65 million people are estimated to be displaced worldwide, with European ... Read more

healty food

Food as medicine

What might happen if Medicare and Medicaid covered 30% of healthy food purchases?A team of researches modeled two different ...Read more

breaking bad news

Breaking bad news

Breaking bad news is a complex and sensitive task that requires practice and a considerate, tactful approach. In addition to the verbal component..Read more

Employee well-being

Employee well-being in healthcare systems

Keeping employees healthy and happy is pivotal to ensure optimum performance and progression of any business, particularly in ...Read more


No vaccine, no admittance?

Vaccine hesitancy has become a complex global problem. This hesitancy threatens to reverse progress made in tackling vaccine...Read more