June 1, 2017

Impact of celebrity endorsements in healthcare campaigns – M3 Pulse results

Celebrity endorsement in healthcare campaigns is a very common form of marketing strategy for public health priorities.


Healthcare celebrities’ endorsement involves celebrities or high profile figures using their social status to help promote a product, or service or raise awareness on environmental, social, or health matters.


Evidence on whether celebrity endorsements actually change health-related behaviours remains limited, and we would like to know what you, our M3 members, think about this issue. The question we asked was:

"Do you think that healthcare celebrities' endorsement in promotion of public health priorities is helpful or a hindrance to the cause involved?"

You can find the results of this pulse below. As you can see, healthcare professionals in the UK, Italy, Spain, and Germany feel that healthcare celebrities’ endorsement in promotion of public health priorities is helpful to the cause involved. France is split 50/50.


Healthcare professionals in Canada and USA agree with their European peers. However, Europeans have the highest percentage of ‘Helpful’ with 71%, while Canada and USA have 60% and 58% respectively.

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