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Physician Revalidation process, which aims to demonstrate an acceptable level of competence in doctors, is attracting increasing interest worldwide.

Especially since the definitions and mechanisms of revalidation vary significantly across countries – there’s no accepted ‘best practice’. While in the US physicians are obliged to renew their medical licence every 6-10 years, in the UK it is every 5 years. Some European countries do not have a formal system of revalidation in place.

This month have asked the M3 Community of healthcare professional: 

"Do you think think there should a formal system of revalidation for physicians to maintain their medical license in those countries that don't have one in place?"

Below you can find the opinions we have gathered from your answers in the EU, US, and Canada. On this occasion, the results are quite similar across all respondents: HCPs agree that there should be a formal system of revalidation for physicians to maintain their medical licence in those countries that do not have one in place. The same opinion prevails across Europe, USA and Canada. Physician revalidation In the cross-country analysis between United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, healthcare professionals agree that there should be a formal system of revalidation for physicians. Physician revalidation Let us hear your opinion by signing up to receive the Monthly Pulse via email and to take part in paid medical studies.

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