October 27, 2017

Single-Payer Healthcare System

Welcome to the October edition of ‘Inside M3 Insights’ concerning the Single-Payer Healthcare System.

This month, we are sharing the results of one insider survey carried out by MDLinx, with nearly 900 physicians and advanced practice clinicians in the United States.

The purpose of this survey was to find out what healthcare professionals think about the latest healthcare reform, which was carried out by the Republicans to replace the Affordable Care Act.

The survey asked for a comparison between the multiple-payer system and a single-payer system sych as Medicare for All model proposed by Sen. B. Sanders.

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You can access the results of the study below.

Single-Payer Healthcare system


  1. Please inform Bernie Sanders that Medicare is not a single-payor system–nor should it be.
    There are at least one different carrier in each state. The single-payor system would give inordinate power to that company. The competition of a multiple -payor system,
    as Medicare, should remain intact. Where would we go from here? How about
    single-payor grocery stores. Let’s pick Ralphs and do away with AT&T, Bristol Farms,
    etc. How about single-payor laundry and cleaners? Or car washes? Or clothing

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