Health and Wellness – Habits and Challenges of our panel

Health and wellness are important to many Americans. We asked our panel community at M3 Global Research and found that financial challenges are a prevalent burden for people in the USA.

During 2019, we asked our panel members in the USA about their challenges related to health and wellness.

Our survey asked respondents about how often they saw their primary doctor, dentist, telehealth services, and the issues they see in healthcare right now.

Comparing men and women:
Our survey found that men visited their primary doctor more, with 67% of men visiting the doctor at least 3-4 times a year. Only 46% of women see their primary doctor at least 3-4 times per year. We also found that while women go to the dentist more often, the difference is not too great with 71% of women and 62% of men seeing the dentist at least once per year.

Personal healthcare challenges:
Our survey showed that an overwhelming majority of respondents face high out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare. Just under half of our panelists struggle with the cost of insurance premiums, and if financial problems weren’t enough, waiting for treatment affects over one-third of our members.

Looking deeper into the financial side of healthcare, our panelists shared that the biggest healthcare issues facing Americans revolve around the costs for treatment and medication, along with the price of health insurance. The fourth biggest issue, with 44% of respondents concerned about it, was mental health treatment and diagnosis.

To learn more about M3 Global Research or to become a part of our healthcare community, please click here.

Health and wellness

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