No Vaccine, No Admittance?

This hesitancy threatens to reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases. And as such, more doctors have implemented policies of dismissing families who refuse to vaccinate their children.

Doctors who do decide to dismiss often cite that if a family does not trust them on the need for vaccination, then the relationship is built on a poor foundation and unlikely to hold up if more complicated medical situations arise.

That very pediatrician-parent-patient relationship has led other doctors not to have a vaccinated-families-only policy. These same doctors worry that when pediatricians dismiss vaccine-hesitant families, it is the children who suffer for their parents’ choices. Another concern related to the dismissal of unvaccinated families is the increased burden it places on physicians and practices willing to care for those families.

"How do you deal with vaccine refusers? Would you refrain from treating a child whose parents chose not to vaccinate?"

You can find below what the M3 Global Research healthcare community in the United States answered to this question.


Now some physicians are dismissing families who refuse vaccinations. They cite concerns over immuno-compromised patients that could be exposed to a disease their system cannot handle. This can place burdens on other healthcare providers and cluster unvaccinated individuals together.

We have also gathered opinions from outside the healthcare environment, please find below the answers to the question.

"Should physicians be able to dismiss families due to vaccination status?" 

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  1. I vaccini sono essenziali per la prevenzione dell malattie infettive. La percentuale degli effetti avversi è bassa, pertanto gli effetti costi benefici è a vantaggio della popolazione

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