“Mental Health in the Medical Workplace” with Dr. Susan Noonan

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M3 Health Talks meets Dr. Susan Noonan. Learn how to identify and prevent mental distress in the medical workplace and get recommendations on how to improve mental wellness amongst healthcare professionals in this new webinar.

For those who were unable to join M3 Global Research’s webinar in March 2022 with Dr. Susan Noonan and Hannah Brown, discussing the current state of healthcare professionals (HCPs) mental health, you can now watch the webinar replay from our latest M3 Health Talk episode! 

The global challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have heightened interest in how HCP’s mental health can be protected and optimized. The increasing rates of reported job burnout, depression, and suicide in the medical profession continue to be a global health concern. Although compounded by COVID-19, HCPs have long been susceptible to high levels of psychological distress due to the demanding nature of their work, which increases the risk of mental disorders and potentially self-destructive behaviors. For the past two years, the media spotlight has been on healthcare and the people working on the front lines of caring for infected patients, which has highlighted the distress experienced by HCP. On the other hand, the pandemic gave rise to increased awareness and understanding for HCP mental health state, which has formed a sense of urgency to deal with the issues and challenges at hand.  


 What are the causes, challenges, and practical steps in identifying and lessening psychological distress among physicians and other healthcare providers? In this webinar, Dr. Susan Noonan, a US-based physician who is an expert in lessening mental distress amongst the HCP population, advises on how to foster a healthier work environment and how to mitigate the ongoing stigmatization of mental disorders within the medical community.  

Dr. Susan Noonan on how to improve mental wellness
"The solution is not the absence of mental distress, that does not guarantee that we´ll experience wellbeing. It´s the extent to which people experience positive emptions; feelings of contentment, happiness, satisfaction and being fulfilled in life…" 
Dr. Susan Noonan

9 Mental Health Discussion Points Covered in the M3 Health Talks Webinar.

  1. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected HCPs’ mental health?
  2. Why are physicians particularly more vulnerable to mental health concerns compared to the general public?
  3. What are some of the systematic challenges in healthcare?
  4. What protective factors are there against poor mental health?
  5. What coping skills and strategies are needed to promote mental wellness among HCPs?
  6. Which barriers prevent HCPs from seeking mental health services and what role does stigma play?
  7. To what extent can an HCPs well-being potentially impact patient delivery and what are the consequences of not seeking help for mental health concerns?
  8. How can you identify psychological distress amongst your colleagues and how to raise mental health concerns at work?
  9. How has the pandemic helped in raising awareness around HCPs mental health and what is being done today to improve the situation?
By having this conversation and being open to talking about the mental health challenges that the medical community is facing and by putting effort into understanding the debts of these concerns, M3 Global Research hopes to drive more people, companies, and organizations to get involved in shaping better solutions and approaches to improve the wellbeing of all healthcare professionals and improve mental distress in the medical workplace.

Gather mental health insights and get practical tips on how to improve your mental wellness and support your peers as an HCP by watching this webinar replay.

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