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Patient Experience

Meet Nicole…

Nicole is a 37-year-old leukaemia survivor who lives outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. She was diagnosed just after turning eight-years-old when she was in third grade. Nicole was diagnosed just a­ after

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World Haemophilia Day

World Haemophilia Day – Living with Haemophilia –

Today is World Haemophilia Day! Since 1989, World Haemophilia Day is the day the whole bleeding disorders community comes together to celebrate the continuous advances in treatment while raising awareness and bringing understanding and attention

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eating disorder awareness

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

As we near to the end of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, its importance does not diminish any further. In fact, we should remember that this awareness week is but a reminder for society to start

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Emma Louise Pudge

Meet Emma Louise…

The week of February 25th to the 3rd March marks an important time within our calendars, for a reason that some may not initially be aware. It is Eating Disorders Awareness Week, the pivotal international event for raising awareness and

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prostate cancer survivor

Meet Antonio

Antonio is a 49 years young resident of New York City, living with type 2 diabetes. He was diagnosed a little over three years ago after a routine check-up with his primary care physician.While Antonio

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Talking to… Dr. Michael Shanik

During his professional training, while being exposed to different aspects of medicine, Dr. Shanik found endocrinology to be the most appealing. Primarily, what attracted him to the specialty was the understanding of the physiology of

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