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Patient Experience

Patient experience is at the heart of what we do. Every project we launch, and every market research study that we conduct, aims to positively impact patient experiences and patient outcomes in some way.

In this section, we aim to raise awareness of both rare and common health conditions and cover the latest healthcare trends. We also share healthcare stories and ask our M3 community for their opinions about wellness, treatments, and life experiences.

As a person living with, or taking care of someone with a chronic health condition, you can help progress research by participating in healthcare market research studies, whilst earning extra income.

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Patients experience

Patients Experience

We are so proud, excited, and inspired by our patients and caregivers. As with most organizations focused on healthcare, we have adjusted to recognize the importance of the patient and the invaluable contributions they make

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M3’s Fundraising quiz for Blood Cancer UK

With £327 raised from our brilliant internal quiz we reached a massive 130% of our fundraising target. We always aim to understand the experiences and opinions of people living with health conditions through research studies.

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Cancer Patient Experience:

Cancer Patient Experience: engagement, needs and more

CareAcross provides personalised support services for patients with cancer. Their focus is on sharing research findings and guidelines, and offer evidence-based approaches to improve quality of life for those living with cancer, whilst strengthening the

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