New ‘Real World’ study on Haemophilia

‘Real World’ evidence or data studies are increasingly popular market research methodologies used to examine real patient data.

Real World’ methodologies complement the work of clinical trials by providing a larger evidence base and context. Clinical trials are often biased towards younger patients which may not match the reality of patients needing a crucial treatment. Real world studies fill that gap and provide highly relevant insights to physicians.

We are currently conducting a 'Real World' study on Haemophilia and we would like to invite Haematologists from United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain to participate,

Study background:

Your opinion and your patients' feedback will directly lead to improvements in patients treatments and quality of life.



A minimum of 3 Patient record Forms are required to qualify for the Physician Survey incentive

M3 Global research will then send you the packs of survey materials for patients.


COMPENSATION £160 / 160€

Pair of Patient record forms and Patient or Caregiver Self Completion Questionnaire (£40 each). Bonus for  4 pairs (£50) 

Are you interested in taking part in this and other upcoming 'Real World' studies?

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