Living with Long Covid: Gloria’s Story

Many people who contracted COVID report that they are now living with ‘long COVID’. While they are no longer shedding the virus or considered contagious unless reinfected, people suffering from long COVID continue to experience symptoms of COVID-19, which commonly include shortness of breath, fatigue, and ‘brain fog’

To better understand the impact of long COVID, we interviewed Gloria, an M3 Panel member from Florida, USA. Please see the full interview below. 

Have your symptoms, and their severity, been constant, or have they improved / worsened over time?

My fatigue and cough symptoms have remained constant, but my senses of smell and taste returned two months after I had recovered. 

How do you feel about the support you’ve been given by your healthcare provider? Both physical and mental…

Overall, my healthcare provider was great during my recovery. They helped me by sharing what they knew about the disease, and called me every couple of days to see how I was doing. 

What more could they have done?

The only thing I would have changed is that I wish we could have had more information about the disease. We found through trial and error that some of the treatments didn’t work for me. 

Do you know other people with long COVID?

My mother, father, and boyfriend all have long COVID (cough, fatigue, and frequent headaches). 

What action do you think the government should take?

I hope that they can study more of the long terms effects and what can help alleviate them. I had COVID in January and am still dealing with the fatigue and cough seven months later. 

Do you have a theory as to why some people are susceptible to long COVID, and some recover fully?

I’m honestly not sure why some are dealing with long COVID symptoms while others aren’t. I would think it has something to do with the person’s overall health or their underlying health issues. I have severe ulcerative colitis and I am taking a chemo grade infusion for it every eight weeks. 

How do you feel about media coverage of long COVID?

I feel the media and the doctors still don’t know enough about long COVID let alone COVID itself as the information is different each time I turn on the television or listen to the radio.

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