Physician Market Research: Optimise Your Physician Career with Dr Eric Ramnemark

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What does it mean to optimise your career as a physician? Do you seek a more balanced professional life, additional income, and a way to impact your medical field and patient outcomes as a physician? Read Dr. Eric Ramnemark’s story and tips on how to optimise your physician career with the help of physician market research, setting boundaries, and prioritising things that matter.

M3 Health Talks
Dr Eric Ramnemark

Dr Eric Ramnemark

Dr. Eric Ramnemark is a urologist from Sweden with over 2 years of experience. He is a member of the M3 panel since 2021 and an M3 Ambassador

Dr Eric Ramnemark - M3 Ambassador Profile
M3 Health Talks
Dr. Eric Ramnemark

Dr. Eric Ramnemark

Dr. Eric Ramnemark is a urologist from Sweden with over 2 years of experience. He is a member of the M3 panel since 2021 and an M3 Ambassador

Dr Eric Ramnemark - M3 Ambassador Profile

Pursuing a medical career as a physician is an exceptional journey driven by passion, challenges, and the profound desire to make a meaningful impact in patients’ lives. In this interview, we have the privilege of meeting Dr Eric Ramnemark, a dedicated physician from Sweden, an M3 Ambassador, and a valuable member of the M3 Global Research panel. Here, Eric shares his story of what inspired him to specialise in urology and the role that healthcare market research plays in his medical career as a physician. Continue reading to discover Eric’s practical tips and recommendations on how physicians can effectively leverage physician market research to earn additional income while making a difference in their field.

Even before starting medical school, Dr. Eric Ramnemark had a clear vision of a medical career that involved handicrafts and meticulous work with his hands. The surgical disciplines such as upper gastrointestinal surgery, transplant surgery, and gynaecology captivated him during his studies. However, after some time working in hospitals where these specialists were present, he soon realised the potential toll these specialties could have on his personal life, mental well-being, and physical health.

When later introduced to urology, he saw the field as somewhat of a safe haven from these tolls, while still providing opportunities for intricate surgical procedures, cutting-edge robotic surgery, and laser techniques. The field’s moderately-paced on-call system, coupled with good pay, and the ability to work in various settings, provided Eric with the flexibility to shape his physician career path in an optimised way that suited him best.

In urology, Eric and his colleagues frequently encounter cases related to prostate cancer, a field he holds a strong passion for. In Sweden, around 10 000 men receive the diagnosis of prostate cancer every year, and around 2 500 die from the disease, making it the most common and deadliest type of cancer in the country.*

As a “millennial”, Eric sees the untapped potential of robotic surgery, driven by the next generation of surgeons who have grown up surrounded by cutting-edge technology. The advancements in oncologic and hormonal treatments for prostate cancer over recent years have been significant, leading Eric to believe in a future where prostate cancer transitions from a terminal illness to a manageable condition. Given the ever-ageing population, Eric also predicts there will be a growing focus on benign prostate intervention. There have been major procedural advancements in this area in recent years, resulting in significant improvements in the quality of life for ageing men.

Dr Eric Ramnemark - physician market research - optimise your physician career

More Impact and Additional Income Through Physician Market Research

Eric’s involvement in healthcare market research for physicians began during his internship, just a year after graduation when he was introduced to M3 Global Research. Initially, he did not qualify for as many studies as he does now, being a resident physician. As he progressed in his urology career, he started receiving more and more M3 invitations to paid physician market research studies. Eric Ramnemark finds M3 studies not only professionally and intellectually stimulating but they also give a significant financial boost.

“There are plenty of ways to do surveys and get rewarded, but most are very superficial and cater to a broad audience, targeting shopping habits or whatnot. I find M3 Global Research studies to be very professional, field-specific, and financially rewarding.”

As a financially conscious physician, Eric appreciates getting well compensated for spending just a fraction of his time doing something related to his professional expertise.

“I find M3’s market research studies an excellent resource to any financially conscious physician. Scrolling through social media takes up quite a lot of time for most people. Spending just a fraction of that time doing something that is engaging of your professional expertise and pays well, is time well spent.”

Eric views physician market research as a great tool to stay informed about new healthcare trends, guidelines, drugs, and published research, as well as understand how it may impact your medical field. This type of research serves as a means for gathering insights from physicians, allowing participants to gain valuable knowledge about upcoming developments. It also helps with discovering new subjects to read up on to further expand one’s expertise.

As an illustration of this, Eric shares an example where he took part in a recent paid survey focused on changes to guidelines in testicular cancer treatment. By participating, Eric not only obtained the latest information more quickly than it would have reached the everyday clinical setting, but he also had the opportunity to reflect on past and future treatment options, while being compensated for sharing his opinion.

Eric Ramnemark - optimise your career as a physician - physician market research

Physicians' Time Constraints and How to Optimise

The demanding nature of physician’s work and the current challenges facing the healthcare industry contributes to high levels of stress, burnout, and mental health issues among many healthcare professionals. 

Due to heavy workloads and added pressures, many physicians struggle with keeping a healthy work-life balance. Balancing the delivery of quality patient care with handling administrative tasks, staying updated on medical research, pursuing further education, and taking care of personal life and well-being can become overwhelming.

Addressing the concern of time constraints when it comes to participating in physician market research, Eric emphasises the importance of setting boundaries:

“I find it important that my clinical responsibilities are tied to office hours, and I try not to take work home with me. While physician market research studies do tickle the same neurons as professional work, it doesn’t feel like an obligation nor as strenuous as doing actual work because participation is always voluntary. If it’s a busy week or I’m away on holiday, I just won’t start the survey.”

For physicians considering getting involved in healthcare market research with M3 Global Research, Eric’s advice is straightforward: “Get started right away!

He acknowledges that it might initially seem troublesome to get involved considering physicians’ already heavy workload, but once registered, the effort-to-reward ratio is truly remarkable. In particular, he encourages specialised physicians to register as an M3 panel member. Based on his experience, he noticed that more paid surveys became available to him after he became a urologist and updated his M3 profile accordingly. To receive more relevant study invitations tailored to your medical field, Eric recommends keeping your M3 profile updated and as specific as possible to your medical practice.

optimise your career as a physician - with physician market research in your medical field

Eric’s Physician Career and Life Advice

Reflecting on his own journey, Eric offers valuable words of encouragement to physicians and soon-to-be physicians who may feel overwhelmed by their medical responsibilities or uncertain about making an impact in their medical fields. He emphasises everyone is needed and that there is a place for everyone. He states it is okay to have doubts and to change career path; “A choice of career path or discipline isn’t final, you can change multiple times whenever you see fit, or get several for that matter.”

He continues by highlighting the importance of finding a workplace where one enjoys going to work, surrounded by friendly colleagues and supportive superiors. If a workplace does not appreciate or value its employees, Eric encourages seeking better opportunities. He also advises physicians to pursue scientific research out of genuine interest rather than obligation.

As a father of two sons and a physician who constantly tries to uphold a healthy balance between his personal and professional life, Eric shares a final thought:

“Value, cherish, and invest time in your friends and family because time is invaluable. Our children will not remember lavishness, they will remember a present or absent parent.”

Dr Eric Ramnemark’ s personal journey as a urologist highlights the value of participating in physician market research studies with M3 Global Research. By engaging in medical surveys, physicians can contribute to medical advancements, gain insights, and shape the future of healthcare. Eric’s story is a testament to the benefits of balancing a successful medical career while actively participating in physician market research studies.

Join Eric and millions of other physicians in the M3 panel, where meaningful research opportunities await, allowing you to share expertise, contribute to medical progress, and make a lasting impact in the field of healthcare.

Learn more about what healthcare market research is, its impact on patient care, and how to optimise your career as a physician here.

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  1. I think it is paramount not to take work home I work 60 hours per week at my Practice plus as Procedural GP obstetrician I am in charge of most of the complicated obstetric cases at the Hospital so I have to be very mindful of my work load to avoid burning out
    NSW Australia

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