M3 and Market Access

Market Access

M3 Global Research in a few words

M3 Global Research is part of the M3 Group, an independent multinational company dedicated to healthcare related services. The M3 Group is, for instance, the owner of the VIDAL Group, a well-established provider of services and healthcare-related information in Europe.

As proud members of ESOMAR and EphMRA, M3 Global Research and its affiliates comply to all national and international regulations within our field. This guarantees the anonymity of our members and the protection of their personal data as per GDPR standards. We also comply to a strict integrity when processing data. This way, we ensure that opinions and insights are gathered impartially and neither influenced nor altered before delivery to our clients.

Stakeholder insights

To help our clients improve the future of healthcare, we provide the insights of stakeholders with current and former experience of various aspects of healthcare policies, such as:

  • Advisory roles to government agencies and boards
  • Involvement in pricing, financing and subvention decisions for healthcare products
  • Formulary management (from local to national)
  • Assessment of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Management of clinical and/or financial guidelines
This experience and expertise play an important role in the global improvement of services, quality and costs. Other areas such as patient safety and improving healthcare utilization also benefit from the insights provided by members of our community.

Our online community

To be a member of M3 Global Research’s community implies:

  •  Participation in various kinds of market research (such as online surveys, telephone or faceto-face interviews and workshops). 
  • The studies you get access to are relevant to your expertise and area(s) of interest
  • Access to first hand data on healthcare news and innovations
  • Participation is always voluntary
  • Guaranteed integrity and anonymity at every step. M3 Global Research is independent and the research we conduct is strictly non-promotional and complies with national and international regulations. This guarantees that no actions which may breach professional secrecy or integrity will be requested. All researches focus on gathering honest opinions (e.g. on theoretical products, devices or materials).
  • Incentives offered for every completed research study to compensate invested time (either paid to you or to a charity of your choice) 
  • Commitment to data quality and pharmacovigilance
  • Excellent service provided by our multinational teams