Geburtenraten & Bevölkerungsreproduktion

Fertilitäts- und Geburtenraten zählen zu den am besten beobachteten Indikatoren für das ökonomische Wohlergehen eines Landes. Eine Rekordhöhe von 83 Ländern weist Fertilitätsraten unter dem Reproduktionsniveau auf. Wenn die Population zu niedrig ist, ziehen sich Volkswirtschaften zusammen und führen zu einer schrumpfenden erwerbstätigen Bevölkerung und einer erheblichen Steigerung des Anteils an älteren Menschen. Die Zunahme … Continue reading Geburtenraten & Bevölkerungsreproduktion

Fertility rates & population replacement

Fertility and birthrates are among the most closely monitored indicators of a country’s economic health. A record high of 83 countries report below-replacement level fertility rates. When the population is too low, economies contract, and lead to a shrinking labour force and a substantial increase in the proportion of elderly. The rise of this dependent older population … Continue reading Fertility rates & population replacement

Palliative care and decision making

Physicians serve a unique role in society, regularly dealing with matters of life and death, with their main objective being to save lives. But when it comes to a patient becoming palliative, should a doctors mission to save someone's life change?In separate cases in Canada and the UK, doctors unilaterally imposed DNR orders without the … Continue reading Palliative care and decision making

Meet Antonio

Antonio is a 49 years young resident of New York City, living with type 2 diabetes. He was diagnosed a little over three years ago after a routine check-up with his primary care physician. While Antonio wasn’t expecting the diagnosis, it wasn’t a complete shock either, as he had lost his mother to diabetes. He … Continue reading Meet Antonio

Effect of Violence on Healthcare

Deliberate, calculated attacks on healthcare facilities have become a routine weapon of war. These assaults kill both patients and health workers, and they devastate already vulnerable health systems. Not to mention they violate the Geneva Conventions. In 2017, there were at least 701 attacks on hospitals, health workers, patients, and ambulances in 23 countries in … Continue reading Effect of Violence on Healthcare