Working with M3 Global Research: the participant’s perspective

Working with M3 Global Research

In 2016, M3 Global Research conducted 2,021 quantitative (large scale, high volumes of data) projects, with 352,729 healthcare professionals – an average of almost 6 projects every day. As for qualitative (face to face or telephone interviews normally), M3 executed 1,013 studies in 2016, which involved 13,462 in-depth telephone interviews and 8,739 face-to-face interviews. That means a total of 22,201 interviews – an average of more than 60 per day!

Participating in market research studies can benefit healthcare professionals, and therefore patients, in different ways. Some benefits are explicit, with practitioners getting access to new information, whereas some will have more of an impact in the long run, as it often takes time for companies to react to market research findings and improve the products reported on.

We recently asked 1,184 of our most engaged panel members in the United Kingdom and United States a few questions about their experiences with healthcare market research. To the question ‘How do you think your participation in market research studies improves healthcare?’, a common answer was that they do believe it influences the healthcare sector. They were also very conscious that their market research responses give researchers insight into how they practise, provide data that helps them understand clinical decision making and help to develop products that are better aligned to the needs of the providers and patients.

Others revealed that participating in the studies ‘opens your eyes to different methodologies and makes you aware of new products and studies’. Some went even further and explained exactly how it affects their work. One internal medicine physician from the US, for example, explained that he often does further research after a study has prompted new questions about a disease and its management.

When asked if they feel they can express their opinion accurately and thoroughly when participating in our surveys, many highlighted that with online quantitative studies, they can better express their opinions when there are open-ended questions, with response boxes in addition to ratings. This type of question allows them to provide deeper and more detailed insights into the topic of the research.

With qualitative studies, by contrast, a medical manager from the UK summarized effectively the sentiment of the respondents’: “Any face to face or telephone interview is much better for fully sharing your opinions on a topic.”

Overall, participants felt free to give honest opinions, especially as the studies are confidential. “Yes. Since the surveys are always confidential, I can express my opinion as open, accurate and thorough as possible”, declared a British physical medicine and rehabilitation physician. And an American physician assistant wrote: “Yes, I am honest regarding my opinion of newly presented products and whether or not I would actually prescribe them”.

It is worth reinforcing at this point that M3 Global Research works within very strict guidelines and that compliance is at the heart of everything we do. We are members of the MRS, BHBIA, EphMRA, MHRA, CASRO, PBIRG and PMRG and our team is trained to ensure we follow all market research rules of conduct. Above all, we protect our respondents’ identity and trust above everything.

The results to other questions presented to our community in this survey can also be quite insightful:

When asked if they found the surveys are engaging to complete

47% answered ‘very engaging’
32% said ‘moderately engaging’
15% wrote they find the surveys to be ‘extremely engaging’
5% ‘slightly engaging’ and
1% ‘not at all engaging ’

Working with M3 Global Research
Working with M3 Global Research

As for the question ‘Do you find the topics of our studies to be valid for conversation amongst your colleagues?

48% answered they are very valid
22% that they are extremely valid
23% answered ‘moderately valid’
5% ‘slightly valid’ and
2% ‘not at all valid’.

As ever, we listen carefully to all feedback with the intention of continuously improving your experience with us. If you have any further questions on healthcare market research or the work of M3, feel free to contact us at blog@eu.m3.com.