Hepatitis and Preventative Methods

Hepatitis Is a Condition Which Causes Inflammation Of the Liver and Is Often Caused by Viruses.

The liver processes nutrients, filters blood and helps fight infections in a human body, and any of these important functions can be affected if the liver becomes inflamed or damaged. Most people affected by liver conditions and living with hepatitis are affected by one of three types of viral hepatitis, known as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

people living with hepatitis

The majority of people living with liver conditions are not aware that they could be infected. Whilst there are vaccines available for hepatitis A and B, there are none available for hepatitis C. Early diagnosis can have an impact on disease severity and progression, especially when the person is living with hepatitis C.

The theme for this year’s World Hepatitis Day, supported by the World Hepatitis Alliance, which took place on 28 July 2022, was ‘I can’t wait’, highlighting the need to raise awareness and improve treatment options.

I can't wait
As part of our regular Pulse poll, last month we asked our M3 Global Research patients panel what preventative methods, if any, did they take to protect themselves, and others, from hepatitis and other infections in the human body?

Of a sample of over 840 respondents, 31% said that they ensure that their vaccinations are always up to date, and 18% go for screenings. 17% of respondents said that they also remind their friends and family to make sure their vaccinations are up to date. A total of 13% of people said they have been previously tested for hepatitis or would consider testing in the future. A small percentage raise funds to support organisations and only 9% said they don’t do anything.

Other responses from participants included that whilst they make sure their vaccines are up to date, hepatitis is something they fear contracting. Some said that they don’t share glasses, utensils etc with other people whilst others replied saying that they have responded well to treatment and no longer live with hepatitis C.

You can find the detailed responses to the poll about preventative methods below.

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  1. I always ensure my vaccinations are fully up to date and anything new which is needed as preventative I listen to the facts and use/take it

  2. Mi assicuro che le mie vaccinazioni siano aggiornate mi sottopongo a regolare controllo annuale per verificare il mio stato sierologico consiglio a parenti amici e soprattutto ai miei pazienti di sottoporsi a test di screening

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