Palliative care and decision making

Physicians serve a unique role in society, regularly dealing with matters of life and death, with their main objective being to save lives. But when it comes to a patient becoming palliative, should a doctors mission to save someone's life change?In separate cases in Canada and the UK, doctors unilaterally imposed DNR orders without the … Continue reading Palliative care and decision making

Parkinson’s Awareness Month

M3 Global Research is currently recruiting patients with Parkinson's to participate in usability testing for a new device used in conjunction with a smart phone (both provided) in the United States and in Germany. We're offering generous compensation to the patients taking part and also the physicians referring them. If you are a member of the … Continue reading Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Bullying, undermining and harassment at work

August’s Monthly Pulse question was about bullying, undermining and harassment at work. Around one in five doctors in the UK’s NHS say they have been bullied or harassed in the workplace, with the British Orthopaedic Trainee Association (BOTA) reporting that 73% trainees had witnessed bullying, undermining or harassment at work. Most incidents go unreported, often because … Continue reading Bullying, undermining and harassment at work

Universal healthcare coverage

Universal healthcare coverage was the Monthly Pulse topic we sent out to our consumer panel members’ in August. Healthcare reform has long since been a major policy area commanding attention in the United States and around the world. Crucial to the debate are the various plans that have been proposed to repeal and replace the … Continue reading Universal healthcare coverage

Overuse of unnecessary antibiotics

The overuse of unnecessary antibiotics has been the topic of the Monthly pulse we delivered to our panel members' inboxes in July. In the UK it is estimated that 1.6 million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions are issued each year and this issue is not exclusive to the UK. Patients are used to visiting the GP whenever they … Continue reading Overuse of unnecessary antibiotics