24th March – World Tuberculosis day 2019

Tuberculosis is a condition that many presume to be eradicated in most of Europe, but the truth is that infection is still possible anywhere. In fact, The Daily Telegraph reported London as the “TB capital of Europe”…which makes today even more important. Every year on the 24th March we commemorate World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, with … Continue reading 24th March – World Tuberculosis day 2019

Talking to… Giancarlo Moscol

Dr. Giancarlo Moscol, from The Woodlands, TX, has been a medical oncologist for the past nine years. He grew up in Peru, where his uncle, who was also a doctor, motivated him to embark into his legacy of compassionate care to others by entering medical school and becoming an oncologist. He was drawn to oncology … Continue reading Talking to… Giancarlo Moscol

Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 25th February – 3rd March

As we near to the end of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, its importance does not diminish any further. In fact, we should remember that this awareness week is but a reminder for society to start seeing and treating eating disorders as public health concerns, rejecting stigmas and encouraging people to get screened and seek help … Continue reading Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 25th February – 3rd March

Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 25th February – 3rd March

The week of February 25th to the 3rd March marks an important time within our calendars, for a reason that some may not initially be aware. It is Eating Disorders Awareness Week, the pivotal international event for raising awareness and understanding of eating disorders, whilst challenging stereotypes and stigmas surrounding the illness. The seven day … Continue reading Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 25th February – 3rd March

Meet Antonio

Antonio is a 49 years young resident of New York City, living with type 2 diabetes. He was diagnosed a little over three years ago after a routine check-up with his primary care physician. While Antonio wasn’t expecting the diagnosis, it wasn’t a complete shock either, as he had lost his mother to diabetes. He … Continue reading Meet Antonio

Parkinson’s Awareness Month

M3 Global Research is currently recruiting patients with Parkinson’s to participate in usability testing for a new device used in conjunction with a smart phone (both provided) in the United States and in Germany. We’re offering generous compensation to the patients taking part and also the physicians referring them. If you are a member of the … Continue reading Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Today is World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is an opportunity each year to show solidarity and support to our friends, family, and community members worldwide who are living with HIV, and to commemorate those we have lost. Since the identification of the virus in 1984, we have lost over 35 million people, making it one of the most widespread … Continue reading Today is World AIDS Day

MOVEMBER: Prostate cancer

Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. At M3 we wanted to use this opportunity to share with you a very interesting article published by the Queen’s University Belfast about the world’s … Continue reading MOVEMBER: Prostate cancer

OCTOBER 11: World Obesity Day

New figures indicate the annual cost of treating the consequences of obesity will reach US$1.2 trillion globally by 2025. 11th October is World Obesity Day and is marked in 2017 for the third time. It was launched to stimulate discussion and support practical actions to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight and reverse the … Continue reading OCTOBER 11: World Obesity Day

AUGUST: Psoriasis Action Month

August is Psoriasis Action Month! How much do you know about psoriasis treatment options? Psoriasis is a chronic, noncontagious immune-mediated disease that appears on the skin. It occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. It affects more than 8 million Americans. An estimated 125 … Continue reading AUGUST: Psoriasis Action Month