May 4, 2022

World Hemophilia Day 2022 – Raising Awareness for Bleeding Disorders 

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This Year, World Hemophilia Day 2022 Focused on Progress. On Top of Raising Awareness of Hemophilia, WFH Aims to Integrate Bleeding Disorders Into National Policy. 

Thirty-three years ago, on April 17, 1989, World Hemophilia Day * became a recognized day to raise awareness for hemophilia and bleeding disorders by the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). This year, the non-profit organization focused on `integrating inherited bleeding disorders into national policy´ to increase access to care and treatment for people around the world.

What is hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that makes the affected person bleed longer than normal, as the body won’t have enough clotting factor, a protein that controls bleeding. Some people may experience spontaneous bleeding into joints, muscles, or other parts of their bodies which can lead to developmental and permanent mobility issues.

Raising awareness is not only about informing about what hemophilia is, but also to help create more understanding and support for the people living with this bleeding disorder. If you want to learn more about real patient experience of hemophilia, you can read our M3 blog post from last year “World Haemophilia Day – Living with Haemophilia”, which includes insights from patient interviews that M3 Global Research conducted with six people living with hemophilia in the UK and the US.

Additionally, if you want to have more information about the types and severity of hemophilia, common symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments for hemophilia, we suggest you reading the WFH introduction to hemophilia from the World Federation of Hemophilia.

World Hemophilia Day

M3 Monthly Question Poll for General Public – April 2022 Results About Hemophilia

In support of the World Hemophilia Day initiative this year, M3 Global research decided to focus on hemophilia in our monthly question poll for patients during April. In order to find out if people think enough is being done to raise awareness of hemophilia and to develop treatments for those affected by bleeding disorders, we asked 692 M3 Panel members the below question: Do you think enough is done to raise awareness on hemophilia and develop treatments for those who are affected?

Overall, the majority of the people who participated agreed that more efforts could be done to raise awareness of hemophilia and develop treatments for those who are affected. The results showed that 30%, as much as one-third of all responders, believe that not enough is being done to raise awareness of hemophilia nor to improve treatments. However, 12% in total state that they think the treatment options available for hemophilia are adequate.

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Out of all the respondents, only 9% report being well informed about hemophilia, 19% said that they are aware of this bleeding disorder, whereas 19% report not knowing anything about hemophilia. In total, 8% of the respondents are directly affected by hemophilia themselves or someone they care about. Only 2% report being actively involved in raising money for hemophilia charities.

If you want to support WFH initiative to raise awareness of hemophilia and to integrate inherited bleeding disorders into national policy, you can visit the World Federation of Hemophilia website and read more about how to get involved. As a healthcare advocate, you may want to check out other causes M3 Global Research supports and read more about how market research has helped NHS patient engagement. 

“World Hemophilia Day awareness” is one of the many healthcare topics we cover, you can visit our available studies section and discover all the paid opportunities available for your specialty. You can also learn more about what is healthcare market research and how to participate in medical research.

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