How Market Research Has Helped NHS Patient Engagement

Market research projects often consider the views and opinions of multiple stakeholder groups, ensuring that decision makers consider all voices.

In this case study, one of the biggest healthcare organizations, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) worked with the M3 panel to run a series of co-creation workshops. 

Patient, caregiver, HCP, and hospital administrator groups were all represented, realizing a rare opportunity for providers to hear directly from service users about their lived experiences.

Moderators guided the conversations whilst still maintaining fluidity and allowing all stakeholders the flexibility to ask follow-up questions and gently challenge where necessary. At the end of the session, moderators collated feedback and actions, which included specific recommendations for service delivery that were unilaterally accepted.

This project in collaboration with NHS won ‘Best Patient Impact’ at the BHBIA BOBI Awards, recognizing the innovative approach the study embodied, and the measurable changes adopted as a direct result. 

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“Patient engagement and healthcare organizations” study in collaboration with the NHS and winner of  “Best Patient Impact’ award at the BHBIA BOBI Awards, is one example of how market research is vital for the healthcare sector.

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