August 26, 2022

A Meaningful Way to Earn Extra Income | M3 Referral Program

M3's Referral Program Is Not Just a Quick Way to Make Money.

Dr. Jordan Frey shares why healthcare market research is an important and meaningful way to earn extra income. In the video below, you´ll discover the reasons why he recommends healthcare professionals join our panel. At M3 Global Research, we periodically provide paid referral programs for healthcare professionals where members can get paid every time they recommend their colleagues or connections to join the M3 panel.

Although we incentivise our members to advocate for participation in healthcare market research, the beneficial ripple effect of doing so goes far beyond just “making a quick buck”.

Thousands of M3 panel members have referred their peers to M3 Global Research. To find out why influential physicians and healthcare professionals around the world recommend their colleagues, friends, and social media followers join M3 panel and participate in healthcare market research, we interviewed Dr. Jordan Frey.

Check out our referral guide below on how to earn extra income as a healthcare professional.

Dr. Jordan Frey - plastic surgeon

Dr. Jordan Frey - Plastic Surgeon, USA

Dr. Jordan Frey is a plastic surgeon working in Buffalo New York. He is also the founder of The Prudent Plastic Surgeon blog, where he shares his personal story about how he became a surgeon and his journey to financial well-being. He is passionate about helping physicians reach their personal and financial goals.

"I feel like I owe it to my patients to stay as informed as possible about the newest innovations, techniques, devices, and opportunities out there for them to have the best outcomes…
The main reason why I participate in healthcare market research with M3, is so that I am staying on the cutting edge of my field within healthcare."
Dr. Jordan Frey

Watch This One-Minute Interview With Dr. Jordan Frey About Healthcare Market Research

way to earn extra income

M3 Referral Guide – How to Make Extra Income in a Meaningful Way?

To recommend and refer your colleagues or healthcare professional connections to M3 Global Research is simple and quick. For full details about the referral program for healthcare professionals and specific terms and conditions, be sure to check out the email or SMS we sent you.

“How to refer” in 3 steps

Referral tips

way to earn extra income with referral program for healthcare professionals

What Makes the M3 Referral Program for Healthcare Professionals a Meaningful Way to Earn Money?

Apart from earning extra income with M3 referral program, you are helping M3 Global Research to conduct more healthcare market research studies that impact future healthcare developments and patient outcomes.

Additionally, M3 studies are a gateway for healthcare professionals to share their expertise and opinions. The insights that are gathered from these study results serve as the basis for life science organisations to make informed decisions while developing and improving their services for better patient outcomes.

Meanwhile, healthcare professionals who participate in M3 studies gain new knowledge about developments and trends in their medical fields and are well compensated for their time.

referral program for healthcare professionals

What is a referral program?

If you are unfamiliar with referral programs, this may all seem confusing, so let us also cover the basics. In a nutshell, a referral program is a system that incentivises users to recommend (also called referring) products and/or services to people they know, family, friends, colleagues, and social media followers.

For someone who´s already using a product or a service from a company they genuinely believe in and benefit from themselves, this is a great way to earn extra income. Amazingly, you earn money by giving your honest opinion about something you already enjoy and believe in, which makes it easy and sincere.

One of the most common ways to make money in a referral program is through paid referral links.
way to earn extra income

What is a referral link?

A referral link, sometimes also called affiliate link or custom invitation link, is a unique URL link that is associated with the person who recommends the company/ product/ service.

As an M3 member, M3 Global Research provides you with one or more referral links that are custom-made just for you. This way, we can track how many of your connections clicked on your referral link, completed the registration and verification process, and successfully joined the M3 panel. Each time, you will get paid through your M3 Wallet as per the terms and conditions that you can find in the Referral Program Email sent to you.

For any questions about M3 Global Research referral programs, make sure to contact our SUPPORT TEAM or share your feedback in the comment section below.
If you´re not an M3 member yet, make sure to register for free to get invitations to paid market research studies within your medical field and M3´s exclusive referral programs.
If you´re not an M3 member yet, make sure to register for free to get invitations to paid market research studies within your medical field and M3´s exclusive referral programs.

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